What we’re listening to…. The Bellinis

When it comes to a vintage inspired wedding, it’s not just about the dress, the venue and all of the styling.  Spare a thought for what I personally think is one of the most important elements of your your reception – the music!!  There is no point in styling the patootie out of your venue if you then have an un-thought-out playlist of modern tunes.

One of my favourite albums at the moment is “Happy Hour” by The Bellinis.  They are a UK group who jazz up modern tunes, or to quote  ““bringing old fashioned glamour to modern hits”, their infectious take on today’s hits has turned out to be a firm favourite with audiences of all ages and music tastes. Crossing hits from the 70’s 80, 90s and today with old arrangements from the bygone era of swing and Dixieland, and fronted by 2 glamorous singers portraying the style of the war time pinups, their shows have proven to be a massive hit with audiences of all ages, both in the UK and overseas.”

Their album is entirely modern tunes but with a swing sound and it is just awesome!  Often at weddings there are the younger crowd who don’t always appreciate “old fashioned” jazz music, but with album it’s really something for everyone!

I think my personal favourite is Milkshake (their take on the single made famous by Kelis) and also Crazy in Love (their Beyonce cover).

Do yourselves a favour and get a copy for yourself!