Wet Weather Wedding Backup

You have been planning your dream wedding for months, perhaps even years, and it all hinges upon a perfect day with an outdoor ceremony and perhaps even an outdoor reception with the most spectacular view that you can imagine.  When you are planning a wedding that is reliant on mother nature playing nice it’s super important to be prepared, so we’ve put together a few tips and points to ponder.  Some of this advice is handy to consider even if your wedding is completely indoors but the forecast is looking a bit sketchy.

Think about the average weather conditions of your wedding date

– When deciding your wedding date keep in mind that the warmer summer months are also storm season and the chances of heavy rain or storms can be higher than other times of the year

Consider a back up ceremony or reception space

– If you have visions of a spectacular outdoor ceremony or reception, be sure to consider a wet weather backup.  This also needs to be booked as you can’t just ring venues a few days before your wedding and ask to use their space at the last minute.  Many venues that offer outdoor locations also have an under cover option, so double check that this would be available on the day should you need it

Look at the ground around your ceremony location

– Even if you have a wet weather backup or it’s not raining on the actual day, but has been in the days prior, check out the walkway for your grand entrance.  This could be a dirt path or lawn that when you add rain can turn to mud.  Entrances with proper pathways are always going to be a cleaner option

Dress length and style

– Consider the style of dress that you want to wear. Gowns that are floor length or that have a train could get muddy and delicate lace would be impossible to clean.  Shorter dresses such as Ballerina / ankle length or tea length are a really safe option.

Grab some umbrellas

– Have an umbrella for each of the bridal party packed in (or at least one for each of the ladies!) and consider your wedding style –  select umbrellas that tie in with the look and don’t clash like a Hello Kitty umbrella with an antique lace gown (urgh!!).  These umbrellas may need to be featured in shots so it’s great to have them tie in nicely.   We highly recommend Parasols With Love for your wedding umbrellas)

While your at it, grab some gumboots

– Whether you are going for a full length gown or a tea length dress, a cute pair of gumboots is a really great way to show a bit of your style, throw in some fun on a gloomy day and be practical.  Lovely little ivory satin pumps will be ruined in the wet weather, so why bother!

Let everyone know of your wet weather plan

– If your wet weather plan means a different location, be organised with notifying your vendors and guests of the plan so there is no confusion with people arriving at the wrong venue on the day.  You also don’t want to be madly texting 150 odd guests on your wedding morning instead of enjoying getting ready with the girls

What about your photos?

– Have a think about where you would like to have your wedding photos if it rains and discuss this with your photographer.  Rainy days can really change the lighting and your professional photographer can give you advice so that you get the most out of the conditions.  In my opinion, rainy days actually make for some incredible shots!!

Sweating cakes

– Some cake frostings, such as fondant, don’t hold up to well in really humid or really damp conditions.  Cakes that are dropped off and displayed in an undercover but open area (such as a really open barn or marquee) can “sweat” in really damp conditions which can make them look a little less than perfect in your cake cutting shots

Paper decorations

– Any decorative elements made from paper that wont be undercover are never going to hold up.  Rainy season is probably not the time to go for a creative paper flower bouquet, or to string tissue paper pom poms out in the open air

Will your guests be comfortable?

– Consider your guests comfort when making the final call about whether a little rain means you go ahead with your dream outdoor wedding.  You and your groom may not mind getting a little rain on you for the sake of your dream ceremony location, but your guests who aren’t all loved up will find sitting through a ceremony in the rain really uncomfortable


Regardless of what you choose – your wedding day will be perfect because it’s your day.  All the rain in the world can’t take the special moment away from you and your hubby to be… so don’t see rain as a negative, embrace it as another element of your day and make the most of it – bring out your funky gumboots, flaunt your umbrellas with the girls and get some killer shots of you two kissin’ in the rain!!!

If you love the awesome “embracing the rain” shots in this post then you absolutely have to drop Cory Rossiter a line – he’s awesome!