Welcome baskets for wedding guests

We were chatting about welcome baskets for wedding guests in the office recently as we just plain love the idea of them, so I thought I would share our ideas with all of you.

If you are having a wedding with either a lot of interstate / international guests or you are having a bit of a destination “wedstival”, I really do think that leaving a lovely little welcome basket for your guests is a really memorable touch.  It is a way to show your guests that you really do appreciate them taking the time (and spending the money!!) to travel to your wedding and that their comfort is of the utmost importance.  Welcome baskets could be tailored to suit the guests and the event so we’ve put together a few thoughts – not every one of these options will suit your wedding so feel free to scroll through and take in the ones that you love the most.


Crafty brides who know their way around a sewing machine could even whip up these totes themselves (you only need to do one for each room / family not one for every guest and in some instances this could be under 10).  Fill it with bottles of water (one for each guests) and snacks like chips etc that don’t need to be refrigerated.  If you have international guests you could either select snacks from their home country to make them feel at home or introduce them to one of our great independent snack companies.

Source: Hostess with the Mostess



If you are marrying in a wine region for example you may select a reasonably priced bottle of wine for each basket, perhaps some local jams or chutneys or even cheeses if refrigeration is available.  For many wedding guests, they are travelling to this stunning location for your wedding but often don’t have the time to get out and investigate the area beyond your scheduled events, so it’s a nice way to showcase what your favourite region has on offer to really enhance their experience.

Source: At your side planning



This is particularly suitable if fruits play a part in your wedding design – you may be marrying in an orchard and serving apple cider along with other apple decorative elements.  It’s lovely to carry through the theming with your welcome basket.  If you are a family where healthy options play an important part in your lifestyle fruit baskets can also be a welcome inclusion.

Source: J Harlow Weddings



Wedding guests who attend weekend long events often arrive feeling a little lost on the actual schedule of events and what they are required to attend and where.  We recommend setting up your own wedding website to share all of this in advance, but in addition you can have a printed schedule of events that is designed along with your wedding stationery to set the mood.  The above image is an awesome example for an island destination wedding but with a little bit of a vintage feel.  Including this with a heartfelt welcome card is a very thoughtful touch.

Source: Jet Fete



There are some truly creative vendors on Etsy and I could lose myself for days (literally!) scouring through all sorts, but for the sake of this article I’ve stuck to just welcome packaging for weddings!  It’s super easy to just trawl through and find a design that you love and order in all of the packaging yourself (just check if it’s an international seller what the postage fees will be as you might be better off buying from local sellers).  Here are some of my favourite designs:

Etsy – The Favour Box

Etsy – Modern Soiree

Etsy – Wright4Design


Think about the style of wedding that you are having – if you are doing dinner at a regular time and no late night snacks your guests may be feeling a little hungry after hours of partying and drinking.  Late night nibblies like nuts, chocolate and chips would go down a treat – as would energy drinks, coke or water.

Are your guests party animals?  Chances are they will really booze it up and be feeling a little less than average the next day – so put together ‘pick me up’ baskets.  Include cute little eye patches, aspirin or paracetamol, again plenty of water or a sugary drink…. or even a little hair of the dog!

Got some older people in the crowd?  They would love some specialty tea (go for something in a tea bag in case the venue that you choose isn’t equipped for fancy pants loose leaf teas!!) or coffee bags that are a smidge nicer than international roast (sorry but that stuff is down right nasty and seems to prevail in hotels and guest houses!)

Think about kids if it’s a child friendly weekend.  They get bored quickly, and I mean quickly – so include some things for them.  Colouring in books or if there are busy boys just some cheap and cheery little cars they can race will keep them occupied for a little bit.

Instead of having favours at the wedding reception, include them in the basket – it could be stubby coolers (now these can be really tacky for a wedding favour, but do it nicely and in a clever, creative way and I’ll let you get away with it!) or monogrammed face washers that they can use that night and then keep.  Perhaps even scented candles or soaps for guests to have their own “honeymoon”!

Hopefully that’s given you some food for thought and I’m sure whatever your budget you will come up with something lovely as of course it’s truly the thought that counts (and if people judge then they really didn’t deserve the honour of the invitation!)