Wedding Workshop Review – Hand tied bouquet tips

A select group of Brisbane brides-to-be (and one groom-to-be!!) and myself had a wonderful afternoon on Sunday working with Winston & Rose to learn some great tips on how to put together our own hand tied posy.  As Winston & Rose specialise in creating bouquets from artificial flowers some of us had a play around with those. They are also trained florists we also had some fresh flowers to learn stripping techniques and even some advice on wiring roses.

Even though they are happy snaps from my mobile (that I’m still getting my head around using as it’s fairly new and I’m a little slow on the uptake with technology!!) I’m sure you would all agree that everyone did a fabulous job!  It is tricky stuff holding on to your posy of flowers and attempting to tie it off while still trying to keep your posy in it’s perfect position – we all soon realised that although it looks simple and the experts in those DIY videos make it look like a breeze, there is a real art to doing it well.

All of us were blown away at how realistic their high quality artificial flowers were and it was fabulous to get an up close and personal peek at some of their bouquets.  This was my favourite of their own creations:

Thank you so very much to Kath from Winston & Rose for sharing all of her valuable tips with us!!  I hear whispers they may be running regular DIY classes directly in the coming months, so be sure to keep in touch with them for all of the latest news!