Wedding Films on Super 8

High quality videography is such a must for weddings today.  As someone who opted to not bother to save on costs it is something that I regret now – if you can make it fit into your budget you will never ever regret it.  There is something so wonderful about having one of your wedding songs playing as the soundtrack to a snippet of the best memories from the day – capturing that tear rolling down your handsome grooms cheek and the sound of you speaking your special vows to each other.  The laughter from your grandmother and the dancing from children – all of the elements that still photography can only capture a single still moment of.


As we love everything old school here at Vintage Bride of course we are huge fans of wedding videography on vintage super 8 cameras.  There is a lovely feeling of warmth & nostalgia about films shot with this old process that modern high definition cinematography can only try to emulate.  We always get excited when we meet with wedding businesses who offer the best of both worlds such as the very talented Brad from GMTMT Films.  When you book with him you can not only have your day captured on a modern day top quality camera but also snippets on super 8 film so that you can have two very different styles of videography to look back on.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with super 8 films or those who already know and love it here are some of GMTMT Films‘ recent pieces to share some of their incredible work with you that are showreels featuring both styles.

Emelyn & George

Bryony & Angus

If you love Brad’s work be sure to drop him a line to find out more about his videography packages and tell him that we said hi! –