Vintage Wedding Styling: Champagne Saucers

If you are planning a sophisticated, glamorous vintage inspired wedding it is an absolute must that you consider the glassware that your guests are holding.  The champagne flute that we know of today is a relatively modern design and to add an air of old world authenticity a champagne saucer is a must.  Instead of the long narrow flute that you may have fond memories of toasting with the girls holding, ladies of the late 19th century and early to even mid 20th century sipped their celebratory bubbles with what was more of a flat glass with a wide opening.  This style of glass is called a champagne saucer or champagne coupe.



Champagne Saucers available for hire through Frank & Joy, Byron Bay


Now while wine snobs may argue that the modern flute is much better for maintaining the bubbles due to the smaller surface area on top (and it’s slightly lower susceptability to accidental spills) I must admit there is nothing more fabulous than sipping from an old fashioned champagne saucer.  The old fashioned girl in me feels a little bit gatsby and mad men all in once.



Crystal champagne saucers for hire through The Vintage Table, Perth

So you’ve started thinking, “mmm yes that sounds lovely!” the next question will be where to find them.  Well fortunately in Australia we are very lucky to have many fabulous wedding props/hire businesses of which many do have a range of champagne saucers. If you’re planning a larger wedding and are happy with more simple glass styles instead of delicate original vintage faceted stemware even the generic party hire places often have them available and a quick google search will get you in touch.  As we love our specialty businesses we have a few suggested vendors to contact whose pieces are credited throughout this post.



Dainty champagne saucers available for hire through A Vintage Affair, Melbourne



Vintage faceted champagne saucers available for hire through Hodgepodge Hire, Brisbane



Champagne saucers available for hire through Vintage Patina, Sydney