Vintage Style Gelato & Ice Cream Carts for Weddings – Brisbane & SE Queensland

Cute retro inspired gelato carts are so very popular for wedding receptions and even wedding ceremonies.  A while ago we shared a post on retro style icecream carts throughout Australia and it still remains one of our most visited pages.  After sharing the super cute image of a Melbourne / Sydney based gelato company we’ve had an additional surge in interest in these super cute carts with a particular interest in Brisbane.  For those who are planning vintage style weddings in Brisbane or throughout South East Queensland for that matter we went on a hunt for retro style carts in the area and were surprised to only find a couple which we have shared below.


Retro gelato cart Brisbane

Delizia Gelato & Sorbet (Brisbane)


Retro gelato cart Gold Coast

Cow & Milk Gelato (Byron Bay to Gold Coast)


It seems as though we’ve uncovered a massive gap in the market here as we would have expected to find so many more given their popularity (or perhaps someone knows of some other great ones to recommend who are a little harder for us all to find) – a potential great business opportunity for someone!!!  Another option for those who live in Queensland who love the idea of a vintage cart would be to hire one of the super cute candy carts that are available in the area (and there are quite a few of those) and have a waitress or two who scoop up ice cream into lovely old fashioned paper cups and have them sitting on the candy cart all ready to serve.  The only downside is that dedicated ice cream carts have a built in freezer so the gelato / ice cream would need to be stored elsewhere and scooped up without delay when given a cue so guests can come and help themselves.

Candy Cart for Hire Brisbane Weddings

Miss Lolly’s Candy Cart


The other option for the truly handy family would be to have a group working bee to create your very own ice cream cart that allowed for space for an esky to sit inside to keep the ice cream cold and provide for the ability to scoop without leaving the cart.  This way the scooping can be more “on demand” and be a little more authentic.  We have seem some darling little home made carts using an old bicycle with a small crate on the back or even cute little push carts.

DIY vintage ice cream cart

Source: Your Home Based Mom