Vintage Inspired Gentlemans Suits

Several of our brides have asked us for advice on styling their gorgeous groom and it really is something that can be very hard to buy, particularly if you don’t have the budget for a custom suit.  In our current issue of The Vintage and Handmade Bride magazine which is available in selected newsagents we shared a really handy article from Duchess Clothier about some of the smaller but very important styling points for those putting together their own vintage inspired outfits.  For those who are conscious of their budget, who don’t want the stress of working through a completely custom design and who are just keen to grab some suits off the rack we would also recommend heading to reVamp Vintage Clothing.

ReVamp Vintage Clothing is pretty cool as they have their men’s fashion sections split by era, so once you have worked out roughly what sort of era you are looking for you can click straight through to the outfits that will suit.  Now I must warn everyone that these suits are very much vintage reproduction and not modern takes on the styles, so some of the features of these pieces of clothing may not appeal to all men (such as quite low crotches in some designs, or short knicker-bocker style pants) but for those who are keen to embrace the authenticity they are fabulous and very affordable.  The 20s and 30s are definitely the best represented by this company.

(Another point to note is that reVamp Vintage don’t do jackets – they do fantastic shirts, vests and pants as jackets really do need a custom fit to look fantastic!)

To get you started here are a few of our favourites from reVamp Vintage:





If you are a business who specialises in vintage inspired menswear we’d love to hear from you to feature some of your designs.  There are a few other businesses who have offered ready to wear vintage reproduction suits in the past but sadly they all appear to be sold out of their designs currently.