Vintage Inspired Engagement Rings

by Larsen Jewellery

There are good reasons why the vintage trend never seems to fade, from the beauty and elegance to the nostalgia of a time once passed. The same can be said for vintage engagement rings. Vintage engagement rings are typically made up of beautiful design details using traditional techniques. Some of the features you may consider are mill-grain, beautiful hand engraving, filigree patterns, coloured gemstones and of course beautiful sparkling diamonds gemstones.

It is easy to understand then why these beautiful styles are more often becoming the inspiration for many ladies engagement rings.

Vintage Engagement Rings - Larsen Jewellery

Why re-create a vintage ring and are there any advantages?

It would be wonderful to be the bearer of an original vintage or even an antique engagement ring. To find the perfect vintage engagement ring in pristine condition, where the years gone by are only a testament to the master craftsmanship that has gone into creating this special piece. But sometimes it is hard to find that perfect vintage piece or a true original may cost somewhat exceedingly more than expected. Another factor many do not realise, until looking into purchasing a vintage engagement ring, is (to be wary of) the upkeep that might potentially be involved. Antique rings in particular are renowned for being quite thin and sometimes the settings can be dangerously fine putting the diamond or gemstone at risk of being knocked and lost out of there settings.

Vintage Engagement Rings - Larsen Jewellery

So, if you prefer to edge on the side of caution or you just can’t find that perfect vintage ring you may want to reconsider recreating a vintage engagement ring, your own heirloom piece to be passed down for generations to come.

The best thing about recreating a vintage ring is that your source of inspiration is endless from the romanticism of the Baroque or Renaissance to the popular designs of the Art Deco period. If you do not have a ring already in mind, browse the Internet, search on Pinterest and collect ideas of what you love. Once you have an idea come visit our jewellers with your inspiration in hand and together we can come up with your own original vintage inspired piece.

Vintage Engagement Rings - Larsen JewelleryVintage Engagement Rings - Larsen JewelleryAll of the gorgeous vintage inspired engagement rings in this post are from Larsen Jewellery