Unique wedding hair accessories by Forever Fascinators

Here at Vintage Bride we are very aware that the modern vintage bride isn’t as attached to the notion of a traditional bridal veil as brides from the generations before us have.  As we are all wanting to inject a little bit of our own personal style into our wedding outfit and not to mention the outfits of our bridemaids and even mothers of the bride and groom, we love the idea of a unique fascinator as an alternative to traditional bridal headwear.  Many fascinator styles can still tie in perfectly with vintage inspired gowns, particularly fun tea length wedding dresses and they look amazing on mums to complete their look on such a special day for them!  We recently chatted with our friends at Forever Fascinators to find out a little bit more about their great business.

Sinamay flower bridal accessory - Forever Fascinators


Share with us how you came to launch Forever Fascinators?

We started Forever Fascinators because we noticed that their was a gap in the Australian market for an e-commerce store selling both fun, vibrant race day fascinators and bridal hair pieces.


Who are your hair pieces aimed for? Is it just brides or the entire bridal party?

We have a range that suits both brides, bridesmaids and mother of the brides which came from several mother’s asking us to help them select a piece suitable for their outfits.


What inspires you when it comes to selecting your line of fascinators?

We love drawing inspiration from flowers and floral bouquets and having them replicated in soft feathers. Vibrant patterns on fabrics and paper helps me to experiment with mixing different colour combinations together. We also keep a close eye on Kate Middleton!


What would be your favourite fascinator and why? 

We have 2 in our current collection, one from our colour range and one from our bridal collection.

Feather Mother of the Bride Fascinator - Forever Fascinators

We love the way the black frames the pink and the curls in the soft feathers. We are also massive fans of enhancing designs with vintage brooches and this design has a cute pearl one as it’s centrepiece.

Bridal Feather Fascinator - Forever Fascinators

This has the inspiration of the lotus flower and is all about the details. The feathers are fused in place and has the matching creamy millinery beads. The headband has been wrapped in satin ribbon.

However, our latest vintage bridal collection that is due to be released soon has some of our all time favourite designs. They feature a balanced combination of soft feathers against a gold or silver platform with crystals and pearls. We are also excited to release them once our photographer has finished with them!


For those who love your fascinators how can they purchase them? Do you have a “bricks and mortar” store or stockists for those who would like to have a try on in person first?

All of our designs are available from our online store: www.foreverfascinators.com.au. We do not have a bricks and mortar store, it is one of the reasons we can keep our prices so affordable. However, we do have a great exchange/returns policy to help with any concerns our customers may have.


Do you take custom orders?

We can take custom colour combinations if given adequate time but custom designs is something we do not currently offer.


Sometimes it’s hard to make a decision when purchasing online. If brides select a hairpiece that they discover doesn’t suit their hairstyle or outfit when it arrives are they able to return for a refund or exchange?

Of course, we never want any bride to be stuck with a piece that is not perfect for their wedding day. We have a 60 day exchange/returns policy.


What advice do you have for brides when they are selecting hair accessories for themselves and their bridesmaids?

The biggest tip we would pass on is, if you have fallen in love with a hair accessory before you’ve confirmed your hairstyle, take it to your hair trial with you as it will help your hair dresser create the perfect hair style around it. Alternatively, if you have a hairstyle you love then talk to your hair dresser about what style of hair accessory will best complement it.


Styling mothers of the bride and groom can be very tricky – what styles do you have that you would recommend for a sophisticated hair accessory for mothers? 

Styling MOB’s was such a surprise to me! It was not something I thought about when selecting and creating our ranges but I started receiving emails asking for help. One thing I noticed was that they were really nervous about designs that might outshine the bridal party. I remember one mother of the groom, Di who was very concerned and we worked together via email and she settled on a vibrant blue piece to match her outfit and she was so happy with the results which made me very happy. I always recommend avoiding the wedding colours {including the bridesmaids} and going small. Something that adds a little special touch and matches the outfit. If you can not get a colour match, go naturals such as:

Mother of the Bride Hair Accessory - Forever Fascinators


What style of gown do you feel a feathered fascinator would best suit?

We have designs now that fuse the feathers so they are not ‘soft and floaty’ which look amazing when partnered with a modern sheath or empire dress. Small to medium soft feather fascinators complement A-line and fishtail dresses.


When you’re not selling stunning fascinators what do you love to spend your time doing?

I have actually just had my first baby so he consumes most of my time. Lucky for me it was a boy otherwise I would have had to create a baby fascinator range! I also mentor a few other business owners in e-commerce alongside my husband.


For 2016/2017 what sort of trends do you think there will be with bridal hair accessories?

This has been really exciting for us as the dress trends we’ve seen for Spring 2016 have been detailed with flowers and feathers, perfect for us. Next season’s Spring collection for us will certainly reflect a combination of small flowers bordered by soft small feathers in a variety of whites, creams, champagnes and ivory tones.

Bridal feather hair comb - Forever Fascinators


To view their entire range and shop online, visit Forever Fascinators online store: www.foreverfascinators.com.au