Underwater Engagement Shoot

Couples or “engagement” shoots are all the rage at the moment.  They are a great way for a couple who isn’t used to being in front of the camera to get used to how it feels in preparation for their big day. It’s also fabulous to help build a relationship with your wedding photographer which is so very important for great images on the day.

We see all manner of shoots, from simple just the couples shots to uber styled up shoots with quirky props and crazy locations, but this shoot just takes the cake.

Shot by JNS Photographics, they decided to try something a bit different and captured these amazing under water images.

From Jaimee from JNS Photographics,

“Boy meets girl, girl likes boy, boy asks girl out, girl says yes”

Say hello to the amazing Liam and Laura, who have been head over heels for a very long time (emphasis on the very long…). They are high school sweet hearts who fell in love in grade ten and got engaged a very long time ago.

So instead of doing a normal fancy ‘belated’ engagement shoot with them, we decided to throw them in the deep end, literally.

Images by JNS Photographics

Her dress from ModCloth