Tips for purchasing an original vintage wedding dress

by Silver Sixpence

Original vintage wedding dresses are amazing and often hard to find in perfect condition, so we’ve developed a little guide on what to look out for when shopping for your original vintage bridal gown.

Some not so perfect details are straight forward to fix and others are not repairable.

There Once Was a Girl

There Once Was a Girl, Etsy

No Big Deal
  • Dress too long
  • Ugly sleeves
  • Neckline not to your liking
  • Broken zipper
  • Small unnoticeable stains
  • Dress only slightly too small
  • Dress is too large (within reason!)
  • Small unnoticeable rips / tears in fabric or netting
  • Damaged or rusted buttons
  • Stitching in seams has come undone


Deal Breakers
  • Shattered or extremely fragile fabric or lace trim
  • Dress is more than about 1-2″ too small or you can’t see any excess fabric in the side seams to let out
  • Large dark marks or discolourations
  • Noticeable rips / tears in fabric or netting
  • Uneven discolouration of fabric over time
  • Gown requires extensive alterations to make it your dream dress
  • Rust staining

Don’t forget to consult a dressmaker or professional dry cleaners before purchasing an original vintage wedding dress.  They can tell you the actual cost associated with altering or restoring that vintage gown.  If your gown is too expensive to repair or alter, why not check out the option of having someone such as Silver Sixpence make a custom gown for you based on your dream vintage gown?

Deerfield Vintage

Deerfield Vintage, Etsy