the film photographer

by Laura Mahony

the film photographer - Laura Mahony Photography


Hello there lovers,

I am Laura.  I photograph weddings on film, storytelling one of the most special days of your life. I use film for endless reasons, but I will share with you a few…

I have a passion for old school analogue photography including the fully manual cameras and even the old practice of printing in the darkroom, watching those black lines in the photograph appear while it drifts in the developer.  It is this age of photographic innocence and patience that I adore.  Remember the anticipation of waiting days for your film to be developed after a party on the weekend, just to relive the shenanigans through the prints once again.

The nostalgia of vintage photography goes hand in hand with capturing the memories of a wedding that will last a lifetime, to be handed down in generations to come, creating photographic family history.


the film photographer - Laura Mahony Photography


While digital photography has marvelled the world with instant technology, in some ways it has lost its wistfulness, the dreamy reality of what a photograph should be.

I aim to capture exactly how the wedding looked on the day- this means you will see real colors, grain, black and whites in the photos.  Most of my work is straight out of the camera, with minimal post processing; meaning the majority of the technical work is done on the day.  I enjoy the excitement of waiting for my work to come back from the lab, and not spending countless hours behind my computer.


the film photographer - Laura Mahony Photography


Film can capture beautiful depth and a dynamic range of color in photographs.  Creative use of light teamed with this blend of colors mimic a painting, especially when captured during golden hour (just before sunset).  This is where film stands out from digital photography, what illustrates a fairytale-like feel within my wedding albums. This is what I love.

Black and white film creates a reminiscent feel with its contrast and mix of tones.  These can also be quite grainy, which enhances the emotion within the photograph that you can sense when remembering the moment.  Black and white film best captures moments like the ceremony, congratulations, and the speeches.  A whole wedding in black and white would result in a really romantic and classic album.

This is why I choose film, the honest and charming wonderland that film photography is.  I photograph from my heart and I love every moment of it.


the film photographer - Laura Mahony Photography

the film photographer - Laura Mahony Photography


PHOTOGRAPHY Laura Mahony Photography

DRESSES Elysia – Laura’s mums’ dress, Shana – an op shoop find 1970s wedding dress

LOCATION Werribee Beach, Victoria

MODELS Sisters Elysia & Shana Robinson


*This article was featured first in Vintage Bride Magazine issue 3