Sundae’s School Pinup Class

We love those pin up girls of yore, the Marilyn’s, Betty Paige’s, those women who looked stunning and polished with a little bit of fun hidden behind those wing tipped eyes!

We also love that kind of look for weddings, that retro makeup with the bold lips and wing tips, victory rolls and tea length dresses, so pretty! So in order to learn more about pin up make up tricks and hair styles, our very own Kim went along to Sundae’s School Pinup Class held by the amazing Bree from Dead Gorgeous Hair & Makeup. This is what she had to say!

I must admit to everyone that while I am a retro lover from way back, I’m also not particularly talented in the makeup department, trying to create wing tips scare me and, most days I wear nothing but mascara. Doing my makeup kind of scares me, as I’m a bit OCD about getting it right. Also I am pretty lazy, (a contradiction I know!) I love sleep ins and am more of a night owl than an early riser so spending 30 minutes doing my hair and makeup in the morning, isn’t an option as it would cut into my morning sleep time. At least that’s my excuse. Well that WAS my excuse until I attended one of Bree’s magic Pin Up classes.

I had no idea how quick and easy it is to pull off a retro pin up look, but that’s the thing, it’s only easy when you know all the tricks, and boy does Bree know some tricks! She taught me where my wingtips should start, where they should end and the quick and easy way to get them perfect every time. How to nail blush application, lips, in fact now my entire makeup routine takes about 5-10 minutes, which is about the time I take waiting for my tea to steep in the mornings. I learnt how to get that vintage hair right every time, how to roll my hair in my soft rollers, set them, sleep on them then pull them out in the morning, and quickly create a fab vintage style hair do, and by quick I mean like 3 minutes quick!

Where has this girl been all my life?

Victory rolls, check! Vintage curls, check! Retro pin up make up, check!

Outwardly, it’s obvious about the change, my hair looks like I spent hours doing it, my makeup is flawlessly retro, but the class has also given me something I didn’t expect.

Confidence. Confidence in being able to pull off that look whenever I want and knowing that it looks good, not like a child drew on my face with crayons.

I like that.

I also like how nice Bree is. She’s full of really valuable advice, little vintage trivia and is really down to earth. This class would also be fantastic as a hen’s party or a afternoon out with the girls!

The next class is planned for October, so get your bookings in now!!

Bree is also available for weddings and can hold the class in your house as well for an extra charge!!!

Meet Jacqui – the super cute pin up that was at the class as well! (photo from my trusty iPhone)

Photography by Samantha Burnett | Photography
Makeup and Hair by Dead Gorgeous Hair and Makeup