Shoulder Jewellery for Brides

Now this is quite an interesting design trend that is starting to emerge – shoulder jewellery.  For all of the brides who are so bored at looking through racks upon racks of strapless dresses this is a creative way to add a little flair to the strapless dress as it gives the illusion of coverage without being all covered up.  Sure it’s not an authentic vintage style but there are plenty of designs floating around online that would definitely work well with a vintage look (I mean that’s the beauty of being a modern vintage bride is that you don’t have to be completely authentic if you don’t want to!).

Etsy is by far the best source for businesses who create shoulder jewellery and designs range from all over rhinestone pieces to pearl drapes and even beaded lace pieces (which look amazing!).  I’m sure you could also contact one of the incredible jewellery / hair accessory designers from our wedding directory to chat about having a custom piece made up as well!

Rhinestone shoulder jewellery Alexi-Blackwell-Bridal

Etsy – Alexi Blackwell Bridal

Crystal Rhinestone Shoulder Jewellery Weddingvalle

Etsy – weddingvale

Rhinestone shoulder jewellery Dalal79

Etsy – Dalal79

Pearl and Rhinestone Shoulder Jewellery MeldaDeBride

Etsy – MeldaDeBride


Beaded lace shoulder jewellery Adbrdal

Etsy – ADbrdal