Rose Gold Men’s Wedding Rings

The resurgence in rose gold for engagement rings and bride’s wedding rings is well known among the wedding industry and this increase in popularity has been on the rise for the last several years.  What I hadn’t realised until Mark from Lord Coconut messaged me recently was the growing number of rose gold men’s wedding ring sales.  When he reviewed his men’s wedding band sales over the past year he found that almost 25% of his customers chose rose gold for their wedding bands with approximately 50% were white gold and the remainder yellow gold.

Rose gold is a subtle tone which suits many complexions and certainly creates an old world look to jewellery pieces.  This soft, slightly blush metal shade is created with the mix of both gold and copper.  For couples where the ladies engagement and wedding ring are rose gold there are some lovely options for matching men’s wedding rings made from the same metal.





Low Dome



Very Thin Explosion