Romantic Brugge

This is a feature article by Sherry McIntosh, The Honeymoon Specialist – Fremantle Travel Services


I close my eyes and I go back. Go back to the cobbled streets, the fires crackling in the restaurants lined by one another in Town Square. I can hear the clicking of horseshoes drawing carriages behind them, the foreign languages being spoken around me.

I can taste the chocolate just by admiring it through the hundreds of chocolatier windows. I can close my eyes and take myself back, back to the “Venice of the North”, back to Brugge.

Picturesque canals vain through the beautiful town, the heart beats in Town Square and the soul lies in the walls of the historic buildings that have stood the test of time. What those old cobbled streets could tell you, all the many stories they hold within them still to this day.

Historic Brugge - Vintage Honeymoon Destination

It’s a month before Christmas and the temperatures are low and the mood is high. Quant little shops full of festive cheer and Christmas trinkets makes for a cozy Christmas feel.

I walk into a chocolatier which enticed me with “the worlds best hot chocolate” hovering above the front window. A sweet elderly lady appears from behind the mountainous array of chocolate counter and I ask for “the worlds best hot chocolate”. She doesn’t just go to the fridge and pour the syrup into the cup, turn the milk steamer on and so forth. She went to an old golden urn and poured the fresh hot chocolate straight from it, into my cup. Steam filled the room, it just felt that extra special somehow and very traditional. We unfortunately lack those kinds of experiences in this day and age; I shall hold it dear to me.

Historic Brugge - Vintage Honeymoon Destination

I’m now walking the cobbled streets with (indeed, truly the best hot chocolate) in my now warming hands. The cool November temperatures are beginning to lower as the afternoon gets on.

I decide to take a horse drawn carriage ride around town, very romantic and ideal for the honeymooners. Starting and finishing in the town square, a warm blanket to protect me from the near freezing temperatures outside.

Even though I had walked these old cobbled streets of Brugge all day, this experience opened my eyes to what such beauty you can miss even though it’s right before your eyes. Crossing the canals over the old stone bridges, white swans blanketing the banks of the lakes. It was truly one of the most special horse drawn carriage rides I have ever been on and I shall never forget.

This town has true beauty and a peaceful morale, which makes it a pleasure to have taken the time to explore.

I finish my day off with a delicious dinner in one of the many restaurants in Town Square.

A fine Belgian brew, traditional Flemish stew and boy, what a view. Yes indeed I rhymed, but its true…

Historic Brugge - Vintage Honeymoon Destination