Riverfire Weddings

Every year as we approach Riverfire night here in Brisbane I often have a little thought to myself about the couples who choose (or dream) to have their wedding on Riverfire night.  Before getting wrapped up in the romance of the idea of a night filled with festivities and fireworks there are many things to consider and I thought I’d write about them today.  These tips would also apply for those considering a New Years wedding or any other major event day that includes public firework displays.

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  • Check with your favourite venue whether there will be surcharges / hidden extra costs involved with holding your wedding on this day.  As most venues can only offer one bride a year to have this specific experience, some venues will charge extra to take advantage of this.
  • Consider parking options for your guests.  With thousands of extra people swarming into the city this really puts pressure on public parking lots and also crams public transport which can make a lovely day start on a sour note when guests can’t get a park.

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  • The usual picturesque locations for your wedding photography will often be packed with general punters, all sitting back in their daggy fold out chairs saving a space for the event.  This can be from early afternoon onwards and don’t expect they will move out of your way just because you’re a bride!!!
  • Particularly for New Years events, but also on Riverfire, consider your guests and that they may have preferred to spend the day with their family / friends.  It is a really big ask for couples to request their guests to give up a major night to celebrate your wedding. This often means that they wont have the evening with their closest friends or their kids may miss out on family fireworks if you arent allowing children at your wedding.

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  • Private fireworks really arent as expensive as most people think.  It’s always worth looking into having your dream wedding, perhaps in a more perfect location but then bringing the fireworks to you with your very own personalised display.  Your wedding will be sure to be a show stopper!!
  • Some venues don’t even offer wedding bookings on big nights as they can simply make more money on their highly priced fixed packages for the general public – so you may not even get the best venue
  • Hotel rooms book up months in advance, and they often charge much more for these big nights.  So spare a thought for your interstate guests who may have trouble getting accommodation and certainly won’t be getting any Wotif specials!  Also keep this in mind if you are planning on booking a hotel room for yourself to get ready in.
  • Factor in the timing of the fireworks with your timetable for the evening.  Often fireworks are at a time when meals are traditionally being served and there is nothing worse than guests having to choose whether to eat or to see the fireworks.  You may consider having an earlier meal and using the fireworks as a “kick start of the party part of the night” or even push your event back so that it coincides with your arrival with the meal served afterwards.

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