Retro Bride – new 50s inspired bridal designs

Tea length (shorter length dresses from about knee length to mid calf depending on your height / taste) lace wedding dresses are absolutely huge at the moment!  It’s such a refreshing change for brides to feel comfortable opting for a functional dress on their wedding day.  It doesn’t matter whether the ground is muddy or whether you want to be able to slip from your stilettos to some flats without then tripping over a hem made for the killer stilettos.  And speaking of shoes, when wearing a shorter gown you can really show off your cracking shoes instead of just the one little peek of a shot for your family album and no-one else had any clue what you were wearing!

Here at The Vintage and Handmade Bride, we also realise that couples are super conscious of their budget during these tough economic times and so we’re super excited to showcase the new designs available by Australian owned Retro Bride.  This new range of gowns is a division of Silver Sixpence and is a stunning line of vintage inspired designs that are made to order from China.  Retro Bride have sourced the most reliable dressmakers and sell great quality gowns that are sold at super affordable prices.  So many brides gamble on a cheap gown made overseas and because they aren’t in the know with the right contacts are often bitterly disappointed.  Through Retro Bride you can rest assured that you will receive a quality garment for an incredible price and they even offer a fantastic money back guarantee if the gown isn’t all that you thought it would be when you receive it.

Don’t forget if your budget permits, you simply can’t go past Silver Sixpence‘s custom gown service where the gown is made exactly to your every wish, sewn with high quality silk fabrics and made to fit you perfectly.

But for now, lets sit back and enjoy the gorgeous new gowns available right now from Retro Bride:

Allie – $460

Dot – $390

Evelyn – $595 (tea length version $525)

Grace – $420

Isabella – $350