Red & Blue Rockabilly Wedding Inspiration

Bright and colourful weddings are so much fun!  On a day of such celebration it just makes sense that vibrant colours be part of the event.  For a fun rockabilly inspired wedding the colours red and turquoise go together so well and we recently received this fabulous inspiration shoot created by a team of Hunter Valley based wedding professionals and photographed by Nicole Spears Photography.   We just adore the laid back picnic reception set up and to feature a bride with a coloured dress is so refreshing!  A few of the wedding professionals who took part in this shoot have also shared some valuable advice for brides to be which we have shared throughout the feature… enjoy!

Red & Blue Rockabilly Wedding InspirationRed & Blue Rockabilly Wedding InspirationRed & Blue Rockabilly Wedding InspirationRed & Blue Rockabilly Wedding Inspiration


Photography Advice by Nicole Spears Photography


My main piece of advice to brides and grooms is to allocate a decent amount of your budget to the photography. This is not the time to scrimp to save money. At the end of the day, after the flowers have all wilted, the food has all been eaten and you’ve partied the night away, all you will have left are the memories captured in your photographs, and you want those memories to be captured by someone who knows what they are doing.

Your wedding day will go by in the blink of an eye, and your photographers job is to capture not just your precious moments, but all of the little things that you probably aren’t even aware of that are happening all around you. The guests having fun, the kids dancing on the dance floor, grandma and grandad watching their grandchild marrying the love of their life, the emotions and the tears.

Your wedding day is a story that unfolds in front of a professional photographer, and it’s their job to capture that for you. You want to make sure you get along with whoever you choose, as they will be with you all day. Make sure their personality and their style of photography suits your style, as showing them photos that other photographers have taken doesn’t always translate into them being able to capture that image for you. And more to the point, why would you want to do that? Most wedding photographers are artists, you want them to create a beautiful work of art JUST FOR YOU, not copy someone else’s style. So make sure the photographer you choose has a style of shooting that you love.

Don’t be afraid to ask as many questions as you need to, there are no dumb questions, only the questions that were never asked! A photographer with experience will have seen and heard it all before and will be more than happy to answer anything you need to know. That way, you know exactly what you’re purchasing and there are no disappointments.

Red & Blue Rockabilly Wedding InspirationRed & Blue Rockabilly Wedding Inspiration


Wedding Cake & Dessert Table Advice by Michelle from Cake Craze


The best pieces of advice I can give are based on my experiences and things that Brides sometimes don’t consider or even know about.

If you have chosen a particular colour, theme or pattern in your invitations, dresses, flowers, etc, try and carry that through every aspect of your Wedding and Reception (decorations, cake, table settings, dessert table items, etc) so everything flows nicely. The venue you choose will have quite an influence on your colouring/ theming/ styling as well, so consider that when planning your wedding. You don’t want anything to clash or look like it doesn’t belong, so stick with one style and work within that to create a beautiful day.

You can find inspiration for your cake or dessert table in many areas of your wedding and life in general  – incorporate your dress pattern/ bridesmaid dresses/ invitations/ venue theming/ your hobbies/ your personalities into your cake so you create something unique that suits the overall theme and style of your Wedding day. There is nothing more special than having that definitive personal touch within your cake – whether it is your favourite characters or you both as figurines on top of the cake, your initials or names, where you met, or where your honeymoon will be, etc.

Choose a theme and design that you love! Choose your favourite flavours, colours, dessert items, make your own rules and have the cake or dessert table you’ve always wanted! Once you have some ideas, tie your choices in with the overall style of your day. Remember that different seasons and venues are not suitable for some cakes – in Summer don’t choose a butter cream cake that could melt easily, or have this sort of cake or a dessert table outdoors or in a marquee without air conditioning. There are other options that would suit these situations better, so always ask your decorator for advice!

Research and find the best cake decorator in your area… view their work, see their display cakes, ask questions, taste their products, have a meeting/ taste consultation and or speak to them over the phone (or by email at length). Find someone professional who has adequate training and experience, insurance, gives you all the information you need, and has the skills to create the cake you want. Ask them all the questions you need to so you’re comfortable with their knowledge and skill set, and know you can trust them. There are an abundance of decorators, so find someone reputable that doesn’t charge a ‘too good to be true’ price for the type of cake you’re after.

Red & Blue Rockabilly Wedding InspirationRed & Blue Rockabilly Wedding InspirationRed & Blue Rockabilly Wedding Inspiration

Nail advice by Heidi from Nail Call


Whether your occasion has a rustic or vintage feel, glamour or retro theme, or anything in between, often hands and feet get overlooked and are a must to complete your style. Oftentimes, they are a last minute thought a week before the big day. Preparation needs to start to happen at least three months prior to the occasion. Increase your water intake, massage oil into your cuticles and nourish your skin and hands completely, from the inside out. Use a reliable hand cream, lanolin based if your hands are particularly dry. Try to limit your exposure to chemicals and cleaners. With nails that are particularly brittle, or lack strength, try a multi vitamin specific to hair, skin and nails, with collagen if possible.

If your nails are likely to be damaged within the three months through unavoidable circumstance (including nail biting or cuticle picking), or you choose to have an artificial treatment for your big day, I would recommend application at least 2 months prior, so you can get used to the feel, and any issues can be eliminated well in advance.

Red & Blue Rockabilly Wedding InspirationRed & Blue Rockabilly Wedding InspirationRed & Blue Rockabilly Wedding InspirationRed & Blue Rockabilly Wedding Inspiration


Where to Start with Wedding Hair & Makeup by Tina from Gloss Girl


The best advice I can give when choosing a wedding hair and makeup stylist is to look for three characteristics…. Are they personable , can you see yourself spending hours with this person, are they knowledgeable in their chosen field and can they deliver on your style.

To know the answer to these questions you first must have a trial, although I have done many weddings without a trial I believe that having a trial allows you to enjoy your wedding day without the added stress of not knowing what to expect

…unfortunately we aren’t all psychic which means we need all brides to be prepared to have done some research on what you would like , what would best suit your wedding style and have pictures(Google and pinterest are a brides best friend!) When it is time for your trial be clear on what you want so you can lead into your wedding day with complete confidence .It is fine to ask advice  and it is important to have a stylist that is honest with you but when it comes down to it you know yourself  best.

Generally 6 weeks out from the wedding date is the best time for a trial it allows enough time to have your style locked in and enough time to make changes if the trial doesn’t go to plan.

Most hair and makeup vendors will take a deposit on booking so make sure that you are aware of exactly who you are hiring, what you will receive and how much it will cost.

Red & Blue Rockabilly Wedding InspirationRed & Blue Rockabilly Wedding InspirationRed & Blue Rockabilly Wedding Inspiration

Bridal Styling Advice by Lorraine from Rupert & Ralph


When selecting a gown try on every shape, it is just as important to rule out what does not work as to what does. Also select a veil to complement your gown; not compete with it.


Red & Blue Rockabilly Wedding Inspiration

PHOTOGRAPHY Nicole Spears Photography
PICNIC PROPS The Wedding Designer
MODEL STYLING Rupert & Ralph
BRIDE’S DRESS & GROOM’S SUIT Ferrari Formalwear at Charlestown
JEWELLERY Exquisite Jewels for Hire
NAILS Nail Call
FLORAL & ROCKABILLY BOUQUETS Wallsend Apple Blossoms Florist
BROOCH BOUQUET Bejewelled Bouquets
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