Pin-up Style Bridal Party Photoshoot

What better way to bond with your bridal squad than with a bridal party photoshoot?! This bridal party photoshoot was a modern mix of 50’s slumber party with a pin-up styled pampering session, bringing together all the elements that a bride needs on her big day- including pizza and champagne! Specialty designer elements include customized clutch handbags, personalized compacts and “bride tribe” robes. All in combination with confetti and giggles, of course… Lots of confetti… Lots of giggles. This squad is wedding day ready after this shoot!

The bride shared with us why this shoot was so important for her, “This was on of the best decisions I could of ever made during wedding planning! There are always the big things to look forward to like the bridal shower, bachelorette and wedding crafting. But I knew my bridetribe was doing so much for me behind the scenes that I really wanted to take some time and shower them with love. So on this day, we drank champagne, got pampered, laughed, maybe cried and bonded as a bridal party. This took place two months prior to my wedding and having that day fully booked for relaxing and fun was just what I needed to let the stress go. Seeing the photos also took stress off of my wedding day morning because I knew we wouldn’t have to be trying to get these cherished photos of friendship on the morning of. It also made me take a second breather and appreciation moment for my bride tribe, knowing in confidence that they would get me down the aisle to marry the man of my dreams.”

Having a ‘bridetribe’ pampering and photoshoot day in the lead up to your wedding is such a wonderful idea to not only thank them for all of their hard work and support but also provides some amazing shots of you all having fun together!


PHOTOGRAPHY Allison Claire Photography ~ MAKE UP The Beautiful Life ~ HANDMADE GOODS Sandra Smith, Victoria Needleworks & Custom Creations ~ JEWELLERY Love Bird by LSB Designs ~ EVENT DESIGNER Fairy Godmother A Wedding & Event Company