Order of Ceremony Fans

It’s always lovely if you can get creative with design elements for your wedding ceremony.  I think we’ve all been to about a million weddings where you get the traditional little booklet with the ribbon binding for the order of service; now don’t get me wrong, these are lovely – but we can all be a little more creative than that!

If you are planning a lovely garden ceremony or any other outdoor ceremony, particularly in the warmer months, incorporating your order of service on a functional fan is always a lovely gesture for your guests.  Instead of having the order of service  booklets printed and then also purchasing fans you can easily roll the two into one.

We absolutely love the simple designs by Angelfish Creative which use clever typography to create impact.  This design would go with all manner of colour palettes as well!

Angelfish Creative - Ceremony Fans


Fans aren’t your thing?  Thats ok – what about simply having a ceremony card instead of the full on booklet.  What I love most about these ceremony cards is the “wedding facts” on the back that make fabulous conversation starters for awkward family and friends who are yet to really get to know each other well.  It can also be a great opportunity to share any “rules” that you have for your special day such as whether you prefer that people refrain from Facebooking or Instagramming the event until a certain time or not at all!

Angelfish Creative - Ceremony Cards


When your ceremony and reception are in two different locations and you may be concerned that guests could have a little trouble finding you a custom map is always received well with guests.   Although we all have maps on our phone there is something lovely about a personalised map that people can physically hold to work out their travel plans.

Angelfish Creative - Custom maps


Love what you see?  You can see more of Angelfish Creative’s lovely handcrafted stationery pieces at www.angelfishcreative.com.au