My Surprise Vintage Wedding Ring for My Hubby

An article by Mens Rings Online

Although weddings are usually more focused on the bride; what she’s wearing, her engagement ring and wedding ring; and the gown. As a bride, I wanted to give my husband-to-be a token that he would always remember. So I decided to buy him a wedding band that by all accounts of my knowledge, he would love. He likes anything that has a character or has been aged and given qualities by time. So I got to think of finding a wedding band that can grow old with him, for him to give character, yet simple and classic for his taste.

As I was browsing through online for the right one to save some time, I came across vintage style wedding rings for men. There were so many choices but I’ve focused on 2 vintage styles and 1 edgier yet very elegant looking band for men.

I found the 7mm half round 9ct white gold polished ring very classic and simple. I like the fact that it’s not too flashy, so I am sure my hubby wouldn’t mind wearing it every day. Plus, it is very comfortable and easy to wear. Since he doesn’t like flashy or sparkling pieces of jewellery, this is quite his style.

Another one of my options is the 6mm 9ct yellow gold milgrain. What caught my attention with this wedding ring for men is the milgrain detail, still simple design, yet very elegant. It still stands out because of the fine detail. I find the design to be very old school and perfectly fitting for my soon to be hubby who is a bit of an old school kind of person!

My last choice, but not the least, is the titanium and ebony. This is more modern both in design as well as the material but its distinctive ebony wood makes it stand out from the rest. Most rings feature metal design either in details or in colour and type of metals. But this ring has ebony wood as the detailed design, encased in titanium metal, a very unique piece that would interest any man.

Another thing I was surprised to find with the site Mens Rings Online is that the above mentioned rings can be purchased with a Fit-for-life guarantee. I can have the ring adjusted anytime in the future if needed. Rings aren’t made to be uncomfortable – they’re made to fit easily and comfortably, and the guarantee ensures they fit for life. Just like our vows.