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A beautiful wedding film is truly a piece of art for both bride and groom (as well as close family and friends) to enjoy for a lifetime.  It really is an investment worth making for the modern vintage couple and we are very fortunate to have some incredible wedding film makers in Australia.  Long after the champagne glasses have clinked with cheers all around the room, the flowers have wilted and the memories have started to fade, a wedding film lives on forever giving all who watch a glimpse into the emotions and love shared on that very special day.  We recently caught up with one of these top film makers, Motion Reel Films, to discover a little more about the lovely couple behind the lens.


How long have you been filming weddings? Tell us a little bit about the journey you went on to become a wedding filmmaker.

Our names are Julia & Kouyou and we are the husband and wife team behind Motion Reel Films. We moved our business from Japan to Australia in 2015.

Kouyou is our primary filmmaker – he has produced over 1000 wedding films in the last 10 years (that’s a lot of weddings!!) and a wide variety of live music event films as well. He started out studying graphic design and then got into motion film and never looked back. Kouyou started producing wedding films freelance in Japan. Everything he knows was learned on the job or self-taught. I’m in my second year of running sub camera and audio recording on the day. I also interpret between English/Japanese for Kouyou when necessary and run the business side of Motion Reel Films.


Motion Reel Films Logo - Vintage Wedding Videography

We noticed you released a brand new logo for Motion Reel Films recently, can you share with us the story behind your new logo?

Motion Reel Films Logo - Vintage Wedding Videography

Yes! Do you like it??

It’s a really simple logo but it means a lot to us. The miniature dachshund featured is actually a picture of Kouyou’s family dog in Japan, Kurumi, who is the reason we met. I was living in Tokyo in 2010 and Kouyou was walking Kurumi one night when I bumped into them. Well, Kurumi was such a cute little sausage dog that I couldn’t resist saying hello and that’s how we started talking – the rest is history I guess! Now we’ve been married for three years and are running our own business together here in Australia. In designing our logo we knew that Kurumi had to be part of it – after all, we would never have met if it hadn’t been for him!

What are some of the elements that you love most about filming weddings?

The vows, the location shoot, the speeches (I’m always getting teary!), the first dance – all of it really. We’d love to take this opportunity to recommend a longer location shoot – this is the wonderful relaxed time of the day where you get to have some fun as a newly married couple. It’s nice to take it slow and not rush if you can work it into your special day.


Motion Reel Films Logo - Vintage Wedding Videography

Where are your favourite areas and venues to shoot in around South-East Queensland?

Everywhere we’ve been is just amazing! Australia is so lucky to have so many beautiful locations and venues – each week takes us somewhere new and beautiful. The great thing about Australia is that no matter where you choose, there is always going to be beautiful scenery nearby and there are so many different styles of venue.


How would you describe your style of film making?

Committed, professional, personalised and filled with as much love and emotion as possible. We always put in 200% and do everything we can to make your film something that you will love and want to watch and share over and over.


Motion Reel Films - Vintage Wedding Videography

Why do you feel booking a professional videographer for your wedding is so important?

Because you want someone who is dedicated solely to creating the motion film memory of your wedding day and you want that person to know what they are doing. You have spent weeks, months, sometimes even years planning and saving for this one day and making so many decisions about the things that are special to you. It would be such a shame not to have professional films to remember it all by. It’s lovely to get copies of video that friends and family take on the day as well but as professionals we do everything we can to make sure that not only are the films excellent in quality but we take the time to get to know you and create a film that is special, to you.


Motion Reel Films - Vintage Wedding Videography

When couples book Motion Reel Films for their wedding are you a solo videographer or do you have the option for couples to book a second film maker as well?

For the Ceremony and Speeches we both film for the entire time which means we can capture footage from several different angles. For the rest of the day Kouyou is our primary filmmaker using 2 cameras, and I run sub camera on and off throughout the day depending on what is going on.


When you aren’t behind the lens what do you enjoy spending your time doing?

Drinking coffee, going for walks, exploring Brisbane and dreaming about traveling to Iceland again. We went to Iceland on our honeymoon and it was so surreal and amazing! We would love to go back one day soon – there’s this tiny island you can only get to in summer so that’s on our list. Oh and seeing the gorgeous Puffins (birds) because their migration was two weeks later than usual when we were there so we missed seeing them.

Other than that, Kouyou is always editing – it’s so hard to get him off the computer!


Motion Reel Films Logo - Vintage Wedding Videography

Do you have a limit of how many couples you book a month?  When is the best time to book in?

It really depends on how the weddings are spread out so it’s difficult to say an exact number. With filming & editing we really focus on one wedding at a time so we usually try not to book more than one wedding per weekend. Sometimes with attending the rehearsal and filming a pre-wedding dinner the night before the wedding, we can be away for 2 or 3 days filming for one wedding. If we are free on your wedding day we will do what we can to make it happen though so please get in touch and tell us about your plans!

The best time to book in?

Well, if we are available then it doesn’t really matter but in order to give us enough time to get to know you a bit first and do some location scouting then a minimum of 1 month. It does vary a lot though – we have had last-minute bookings for less than 2 weeks away and bookings for 15 months from now. We accept bookings approximately 12 to 15 months in advance.


Motion Reel Films - Vintage Wedding Videography

Do you offer engagement packages or pre-wedding shoots?  Do you walk through locations before the wedding / with the couple before hand?

Yes we do – we can do pre-wedding or engagement filming sessions with couples. It can be a pre-wedding celebration, a family event or simply an intimate session with the two of you in the location of your choice. If you are making a whole weekend out of your wedding and having some pre-wedding celebrations the day or night before then it’s a great option to include footage of this – everyone gets used to having the cameras around and there’s a lovely relaxed and happy vibe in the air.

We always meet couples at the Ceremony and/or Reception location before the wedding if schedules work out. If the timing doesn’t work then we’ll meet the couple at a café (or their home if that’s more convenient) and spend some time hearing about wedding plans and going over how everything works with filming. If it’s somewhere we haven’t filmed before we will go and visit the Ceremony & Reception venues on our own.

We also do our best come along to your rehearsal if you’re having one to make sure things go smoothly on the day. We are generous with our time and always give our full commitment to you in creating your wedding film.


Motion Reel Films - Vintage Wedding Videography


If you like our films (please take a look!) and are thinking about getting your wedding filmed, then please get in touch anytime. We are always available by email and phone to answer any questions that you may have both before and after booking us to film your wedding. We absolutely love creating special films for couples. It’s a privilege getting to know you in the lead-up and through documenting such an important day in your lives. We hope to be part of your very special day.

Julia & Kouyou


Motion Reel Films - Vintage Wedding Videography


Ways to contact Motion Reel Films:




PHONE   0411 294 626