Moss Covered Ring Bearer Cushions

When I start trawling through Etsy or Google Images it really is like falling down a rabbit hole for me.  I get so easily distracted with everything that is pretty and creative!  Lately a style that has really caught my eye are wedding design elements featuring moss.  I just love how the vibrant green works so well with rustic / earthy elements and creates a pop of colour without looking completely out of place.

One area where the use of moss is really fun is when designing your ring bearer cushion.  If you do have a little fella carrying the rings down the aisle, or even one of the groomsmen taking care of them for that matter, I think it’s nice to be a little creative these days.  Remember those tragic old white satin pillows with the matching ribbon – urgh…. that’s so not the style any more and it’s so far from masculine for a poor man or even young man to have to carry for you!  Why not jazz things up with some earthy moss?!

I’ve gathered a few inspirational ideas to get you going, many of these ideas are quite simple options to do yourself if you are that way inclined, or if you would prefer to simply click and have it shipped there are a number of Etsy sellers who make some darling pieces that you can have ready to go.  If you are getting crafty you can purchase rolls of artificial moss as well as packets of more loose style moss from good craft stores and even online craft suppliers.  Depending on your project you are likely to need one type over another. For example if you are covering a piece of floral foam to create a more pillow shape the loose pieces aren’t going to stay put and a roll is the way to go, however if you are stuffing a small timber box the loose pieces are likely to sit in there neater.



Source: Style Me Pretty



Source: Smarty Had a Party



Learn how to make your very own moss covered ring cushion by following step by step instructions here.



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