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When it comes to talking about wedding jewellery, the topic of discussion usually revolves around the engagement ring and bridal jewellery, with the Groom’s wedding band often taking a back seat. This can also lead to his wedding ring being a last minute purchase. Given he is going to be wearing this ring long past the wedding day, why not take care of it early, without the last minute pressures (which you definitely don’t need!)?


Wood grooms wedding ring has Australia’s largest range of in-stock, ready to ship men’s wedding rings, and they had a few quick tips for choosing the right ring for him.


Wood grooms wedding ring Wood grooms wedding ring

Firstly, while there are now quite a few choices for metals (eg. gold, platinum, titanium, tungsten), there is no such thing as the perfect metal – only the perfect metal for him. If his job or hobbies involve him coming into contact with other hard objects on a regular basis, then perhaps something like a titanium or tungsten ring might be the better choice. Or, if he’s looking for something a bit more classic, then perhaps a simple gold band would be better. For something really different, solid wood rings are now also available. Of course, you can also find rings that combine many of these materials together should he so desire.


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They also recommend getting in early. Finding the perfect size and style can sometimes take longer than you expect (and while he may say that he doesn’t care that much – it’s sometimes surprising how much he does care once he starts trying rings on!).


Wood grooms wedding ring Wood grooms wedding ring

Ultimately, much of what is planned for the wedding day will be finished with once the day is over, but the wedding rings have to be worn for decades to come. Rather than leaving his band as an afterthought, why not get something he will be happy to wear, while saving yourself last minute stress?


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