Melbourne Vintage Bride Wedding Fair 2016 Wrap Up

Thanks to all the soon-to-be newlyweds and loved ones that joined us last Sunday for our Melbourne Vintage Bride Wedding Fair – we had an absolute ball!  The weather gods shone upon us and it was perfectly pleasant at Collingwood Town Hall. The venue was transformed into a vintage lovers paradise, with over 35 of Melbourne’s best vintage wedding vendors on show.

A big thank you to all our lovely vendors – your displays were beaming with originality and creativity- everyone really pulled out their best stops and truly spoilt all of our guests!

The day started off with a bang, a line up of Vintage Bride followers were out the door – all ready and raring for a day of vintage delights!  The excitement from vendors and brides was undeniable. It was great to see so many delighted brides leaving the fair with bags full of vendor goodies!

Thanks again to Annie and Bern for providing outstanding vintage entertainment! If you are wanting to get in contact with any of our darling vendors from Sunday’s event, you will be able to find their details on the Melbourne event page.

A special thank you goes to the very talented Fennel & Fox Photography for capturing the day’s many highlights  – as seen in the images below.

Last but not least – thank you to the generous cats at Zephyr Productions for our extremely cool wrap up clip!

We look forward to coming back to Melbourne again soon! Stay in touch with us via our facebook page for the latest on upcoming events!




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