Make the most from your vintage wedding vendors

Planning your wedding can be such a stressful time – many say it’s a full time job, particularly for a few months while you’re planning the bulk of the events, and this is on top of your own full time job!

Clever brides are resourceful brides!  The internet is a fabulous place for scouring for inspiration and vendors, but one of the best resources a bride can have is the wedding professionals she has already booked!  Wedding professionals know weddings inside out.  They all have incredible networks of industry contacts and now that they have got to know you a little, will have plenty of suggestions as to who would best suit your big day.  Before spending hours pouring over options it’s always well worth asking who they recommend.  This is very much the case when you’re planning a niche wedding, whether it be a vintage inspired wedding or a really quirky / eclectic wedding.

Vintage Style Bridesmaid Dresses - Anna Dutton Couture

Vintage inspired bridesmaid dresses – Anna Dutton Couture

The first few things any bride will book is her wedding venue, photographer and usually her gown.  Wedding venues work on a daily basis with wedding celebrants, photographers / videographers, caterers and cake suppliers, florist and wedding planners.   Photographers know venues inside out and often get to know celebrants, florists and wedding planners and see first hand how things come together on the day.  Bridal designers get to chat with their brides throughout the entire planning process as they fit their gown and find out about absolutely every detail from their brides along with which vendors each of them are finding to be truly fabulous.

The suggestions that you receive from these vendors may not always be the best suit for you, but it’s a great starting point.  Don’t forget to do your own research though – look into the vendors business yourself and check out their website to ensure they are going to be a good fit.

The Vintage Bride team is always here to help as well – we have an ever growing number of vendors who advertise with us in our magazine and website for you to consider as well, plus we’re only an email away for any specific advice you may require.

Vintage Wedding Styling - Adorn Event Hire

Vintage wedding styling – Adorn Event Hire