Luxdelin – Wedding Vendor Feature

Incorporating custom handmade pieces into a wedding is a wonderful way to add a personal touch to your special day.  With a resurgence in some of the crafts of the days gone by such as macrame, wedding stylists are creating visually stunning accent pieces for couples.  One of those such businesses who offers custom hand crafted styling pieces is Luxdelin who can also create bespoke floral arrangements.


Tell us a bit about Luxdelin and what you offer

My role as a designer started when I was young, and interested in crochet and tapestries.  I always had the urge to design and create and later on embarked on a Fine Arts Degree at Griffith University, majoring in painting.  Sourcing materials became very much my forte and was drawn to natural products, even gems, gold threads, and pearls, products that came from nature and textiles from plants, cottons and flax fibres,  and farmed animals such as wool.


We would love to know how you came to launch Luxdelin

I felt it was time to branch out and go back to my roots of doing things with my hands, I picked up hints on knitting with my hands or using such tools as giant wooden posts sharpened at the ends to make very useful knitting tools. I loved the process of making and found a niche of handmade textiles to satisfy a growing interest in all things made by an individual not manufactured in a factory.  I picked up ideas as I went along, the interest was there so I founded my business and got a shop on line and started promoting and selling my products.


Really unique styling pieces are really growing in popularity, can you tell us a little bit about the items that you offer and what options couples have to include such great pieces at their wedding?

I design and make macramé wedding backdrops using 3 strand cotton rope perfect for that garden setting outdoors or indoors, very soft and romantic, I design to your specifications to fit an arbour frame or ready to hang under a tree.  My design echo that boho vintage style setting that is romantic and rustic for something a little bit different.


Where abouts are you located and what area do you service?

Luxdelin is based here in Brisbane and I offer wedding backdrops, chair covers, flowers for tables, bouquets, and entrances for  styling your event.


What inspires you when it comes to designing your pieces?

 Working with natural product that provide texture, colour and patterns play an important part in how I approach the making process, as well as using handcraft techniques of knitting, macramé, weaving and tapestry making.


For those who love your pieces how can they purchase them or hire them? Do you have a studio or warehouse for those who would like to see your pieces in person first?

Luxdelin has an online shop with easy to follow steps when purchasing an item, and offers fast shipping worldwide.  Luxdelin also welcomes customized requests with fast and friendly service. Luxdelin will offer hire service.  Just convo me for your request.


Do you take custom orders?

 Yes, Luxdelin offers this service to all my products.


What advice do you have for brides when they are working out their wedding design style when it comes to props and styling as well as floral arrangements?

Use one standout feature, and complement the theme with matching chair covers, or a table centrepiece. Look at what is in vogue, as vintage handmade pieces are always in trend, cut out some pictures from magazines and glue them into a book, look at vintage wedding dresses, hair accessories, shoes, visualise this against my macramé wedding backdrops, or hanging rope chandeliers, hanging paper flowers as a backdrop are inexpensive and always fun to use, very romantic and repeat soft colours as a visual effect to offset the creams and whites to add interest and contrast with your wedding styling.


When you’re not creating awesome pieces for weddings what do you love to spend your time doing?

I love to work in my studio knitting or just now working on wool tapestries on a weaving loom! I try to push myself to try something new so as to challenge the creative side of what I do as a designer.  I have a passion for growing things in the garden, and love working with flowers and using what I have to create an interesting centrepiece or a romantic flower garland out of succulents and vines, I always like to do something different


For 2017/2018 what sort of trends do you think there will be with wedding styling?

Masses of flowers are very popular, as with old fashion garden flowers, tumbling down cascading from ceiling or trailing on tables and flowing down sides of tables is very romantic creating a lush and feminine approach to wedding styling.


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