Luke Firth | Marriage Celebrant – Wedding Vendor Feature

Congratulations on your decision to celebrate your relationship! My name is Luke, and I have the incredible privilege of marrying people here in Australia. You are about to embark on the most intimate public display of affection that you’ll ever experience, and I’d love to be a part of it.

A celebrant’s role isn’t just about ticking off the legalities, it’s about guiding you through the whole process, making it stress/worry free, and most importantly, something to look forward to. From dealing with all the paperwork, creating a personalised ceremony, putting out any behind the scenes fires on the day, and delivering an engaging, memorable experience, not just for the couple, but for the guests as well.

It’s amazing how for so long people have associated wedding ceremonies as boring and tedious, something to get through before the fun starts at the reception. Well let me surprise your guests by delivering a sophisticated and engaging ceremony, one that guarantees responses of “wow, that was amazing” from even the most philistine of guests. A ceremony that does justice to the significance, the importance and the celebration of your relationship.


If you’d like me to, obligation free, treat you to a coffee, or a drink, to discuss how we can make your wedding day truly memorable then just get in contact. I’m not out there, wacky or zany, I don’t wear props or gimmicks, I’m just a normal guy, standing in front of a couple, asking them to love each other.

Ways to contact Luke: