Lively Country Wedding – Lauren & Dave

Lauren & Dave’s wedding was held on a beautiful old dairy farm at Yandina (Yandina Station) which became the inspiration for the day. Both the bride and groom lovingly made, sourced, found, restored and styled every aspect of the day (down to finding chairs on the side of the road and restoring them!), and because of this every detail of their wedding was personal and held a great deal of meaning for them.

At the end of the aisle we hung white and blue flowers from a huge fig tree to form an arch and used our restored chairs as the front row to add pops of white, green and blue to the ceremony.

“One of the most beautiful and unique parts of our wedding was the set up of our outdoor ceremony. I found these incredible gates from a church garage sale that I painted white & placed at the entrance to the aisle. “

As a little surprise for the guests, just before the processional was to begin, Dave and the groomsmen pulled out an harmonica, a ukulele and a guitar and played ‘Here comes the Bride’.

“My favourite moment of the day would have to be walking down the aisle and seeing Dave waiting for me, I could not have been any happier than at the moment.  Oh and we had cows mooing during our ceremony which I absolutely loved!  The entire day was filled with so much joy that I still have trouble believing that we could be so incredibly blessed.”

“A DIY wedding was the only way for us! It all started with wanting to restore old wooden chairs for our bridal table and by the time the wedding day arrived we had sourced and hand painted over 70 crystal vases and over 100 books, restored 10 wooden chairs, made a ‘D & L’ photo booth, used an old white picket fence to make signs, created a free-standing frame for our church gates and wrote a personal letter to each of our 109 guests.  If we couldn’t create something ourselves, we made sure we asked local business to do it for us. Our train of thought was if we are going to give someone our money let’s at least support small, local business in the process! 

I cannot imagine doing a wedding any other way. Sure, I could have bought all my decorations and had a professional stylist put together a beautiful wedding for me. But when I think about my wedding I don’t just think about the day I wore a white dress and felt beautiful, I think about the days I looked like a wreck wearing a ratty T-shirt working in my dad’s shed with Dave singing to Triple J sanding and painting and generally making a mess of my parents house! It’s common to hear people say your wedding is ‘just a day’ but a DIY wedding allowed us to create a wedding day full of a year’s worth of fun, crazy and joyful moments spent together. “

DIY tip from Lauren:

  • Don’t take on too much. I initially tried to do too many projects, many of which were either unrealistic or weren’t consistent with our style. Decide on a few projects that suit your wedding vision and focus on them until they are completed. If you have time at the end you can add more details. Remember that only a select few will notice the small details (I would be one of those few!) so focus on projects that will make an impact first.
  • Stick to your style and don’t get over-blogged!

Ceremony, Reception & Catering: Yandina Station

Photographer: Trap That Photography (Hannah Roche)

Videographer: Goliath Productions

Florist: Heavenly Blooms

Stylist: Dave & Lauren Webber (the bride & groom!)

Invitations: One Lantern

Cake: Fiona’s Fancies

Gown: Casar Elegance Brisbane

Bridesmaids dresses: Cue

Make up: Hayley Roessen

Hair: Kylie Rose

Band: The Merrys