Let them eat cake! Wedding Cake Advice and Inspiration

If there’s any day that you can have your cake and eat it too, it’s got to be your wedding day! Not only is it a fantastic photo opportunity, everyone loves a slice of cake whether to eat as dessert or take home as a bonbonerie.

Finding the right vendor can be difficult because there are so many fantastic options available. We’ve collected come helpful prompts to assist you to plan what kind of cake you’ll need.

Would you like to keep the top tier? Traditionally the top tier of the wedding cake is not cut on the wedding night. Rather it is stored and eaten on the couple’s first wedding anniversary or christening of your first child. We think it is rather sweet, but it means that you’ll need more cake to serve to your guests at your wedding. Also, don’t forget to mention this to your venue or caterers so they can be sure to put it aside for you when they’re cutting the cake for service.

How are you serving the cake? If your cake is being served as dessert (along with a generous dollop of cream we hope!) then you will need to allow about 5cm x 2.5cm of cake per person. If it is being served on platters alongside a separate dessert, you’ll only need to allow about 2.5 x 2.5cm of cake per person.

How much time do you have? Most cake makers require six to nine months lead time, so if there is a supplier that particularly takes your fancy then book in early to avoid disappointment.

Will they deliver? To save you the hassle (and stress!) of having to transport your cake, ask the supplier if they can deliver it to your reception venue. Not only is it one less thing you have to worry about but it limits the chances of disaster striking.

Any dietary requirements? If your guests have dietary requirements (such as vegan, gluten or dairy free) it’s always nice to considering a cake alternative for them. Your cake maker might be able to substitute specific ingredients to make it dietary-friendly or provide a second cake (or cupcake) that will be suitable for them.

To get your taste buds watering, here is some delicious inspiration!


Hansel & Gretel

Cake by Hansel and Gretel 


Cake Designs Wedding Cake

Cake by Cake Designs 


Hello Naomi

Cake by Hello Naomi 


The Lemon Grove Cake Company

Cake by The Lemon Grove Cake Company


Gillian Bell

Cake by Gillian Bell 


Delicate Lee

Cake by Delicate Lee 


Gillian Bell

Cake by Gillian Bell 


Blooms by Bethan

Cake by Blooms by Bethan


My Sweet Dream Cakes l Lace

Cake by My Sweet Dream Cakes


Hansel and Gretel

Cake by Hansel and Gretel 


One Bite

Macron Cake by One Bite


The Cake that Ate Paris

Cake by The Cake that Ate Paris