Lady Marlene Goes Weimar at Loft West End

Lady Marlene is a bit of an icon in the Brisbane burlesque scene and her School of Arts recently teamed up with Loft West End to present regular evenings of unique entertainment.  I have personally been a fan of Lady Marlene for many years (too many than either myself or she would probably like to mention as that may give away our ages and a lady never gives away her age!).  After performing for many years, Lena decided to set up her own burlesque school to the joy of so many women so that she could share the lost art of this style of dance.  Many uneducated and perhaps prudish people may say that these sorts of schools have no place in society and are demeaning to women….. not at all!  Actually quite the opposite is evident when you chat with Lady Marlene, her mistresses (her staff not anything inappropriate!) and her students.  Lady Marlene and her teachers are pro women embracing their inner beauty, loving who they are with all of their imperfections and learning how to build self confidence.

In addition to offering regular burlesque, pole & aerial classes for ladies of all ages and sizes, they also offer private parties for a really fun and empowering hens party and they also offer these great little one night only performances at Loft West End.  The next entertaining dinner and show at Loft is on Sunday 3rd November and is called “Lady Marlene Goes Weimar” which is a racy german inspired cabaret show.   Guests will not only be entertained with their show featuring cabaret, burlesque, cirque and live music but will also enjoy a two course meal.

If you love the art of burlesque round up your girlfriends or your fiance and head along for a great meal and a little bit of fun!

For more information including an additional link to purchase tickets head to their Facebook events page: