Jazzy Christmas Music – Straight No Chaser

It simply isn’t Christmas without some cracking festive tunes… and I’m always on the trawl for new music but as a massive jazz enthusiast I’m really excited when I find some new jazzy Christmas tunes to listen to.

Recently in the office we stumbled across the groovy a cappella group Straight No Chaser, who fortunately have not one but two great Christmas albums which have been putting a smile on our faces.  Who doesn’t love a good a cappella group to get your fingers clickin’!!!  These albums would be the perfect choice for couples planning an engagement party in the Christmas season or even a Christmas wedding.

Firstly we have Christmas Cheers – this album is a mix of fun, new (and really quite funny) Christmas songs along with their own a cappella versions of classic songs, but with a modern twist.  Some of my favourites include ‘The Christmas Can-Can’ (if you are a fan of Moulin Rouge you’ll recognise the tune and have your toes tapping from the start) and the swinging ‘Who Spiked the Egg Nog’.  And I do hope someone does spike the egg nog at my Christmas!!

Next is Holiday Spirits which is more classic Christmas songs but with a new swinging style to put a little pep in the majority of them.  My favourite on this album is ‘This Christmas’…

Both of these albums are available on all of the great music programs like itunes, spotify etc so grab your festive drink of choice and enjoy while you finish your Christmas cards and wrap presents!