Is a vintage inspired wedding simply a trend or a reflection of a couples lifestyle?

There is much debate at the moment about vintage being a “trend” when it comes to weddings and I can’t help but wonder if perhaps it’s not entirely a trend but a reflection of a lifestyle of a growing demographic in society.


One Day Collective

Photography: One Day Collective

I know personally I’ve been in the vintage wedding industry for over 5 years now and my love of all things vintage dates back long before that, long before vintage became a popular styling choice for weddings.  Granted I was only married myself fairly recently but had I have married even 7-8 years ago I know I would have still chosen vintage elements for my big day (and probably have been considered a bit of a fuddy duddy old dag!) but I seriously doubt I would have found too many relevant vendors or even much inspiration to achieve it.  I’m guessing I would have ended up having to select one of the standard venues with chair covers and sashes because that was what we all did.  I think the surge in popularity in vintage weddings has been driven by couples wanting something different and businesses listening to that request.  Over the time I’ve been in the industry I’ve seen a massive increase in the number of wedding businesses who are now offering something unique and special for couples and with that has come a great deal of vintage and eclectic options which is so awesome to see!

What do you think?  As someone planning a wedding with a vintage style are you choosing it because it’s “trendy” or because it is a style that best reflects you both as a couple and the style of celebration that is most meaningful to you and you could care less whether your wedding is considered “cool”?  Are you a rockabilly couple or perhaps a couple who has always appreciated early architecture and has a house filled with antiques, therefore making it simply a no brainer to celebrate your wedding in the same way as the rest of your life together? This topic will also be posted over on our Facebook page and the Vintage Bride team would love to hear your thoughts!


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Photography: Jaimee & Saul Photographers