Inspired by the Dior Exhibition

I was fortunate enough to just get back from an inspiring trip to Melbourne not only soaking up some of its history in the form of museums but more importantly taking in all of the stunning House of Dior gowns currently on display at the National Gallery of Victoria.

The incredibly timeless lines of Dior gowns are truly a work of art and as a lover of vintage fashion I was in heaven wandering the many rooms soaking up all of that glorious fashion!

For those of you who are in Melbourne or are able to make the trip, its truly worth it.  As you are all reading this blog I’m sure there’s a love of vintage fashion among you all too, so you will love every minute of it.

While strolling through the rooms in my dream state I captured some shots of some of my favourite gowns which I thought also offer some lovely inspiration for design lines and unique textiles for those deciding on a vintage inspired bridal gown as well as the bridal party.  Not only were there stunning gowns but also some amazing millinery pieces as well as shoes, and I’ve included some inspiring designs fit for a vintage inspired wedding below.

For more information on the exhibit and to grab tickets:

Tips for those who visit the exhibition:  Get your tickets in advance online as there can be long lines.  We already had our tickets and joined the long queue before opening and found that many still had to purchase tickets inside, so as we wandered through there was hardly a soul in the rooms.  I’m sure it gets very busy jostling for space to admire the gowns up close as the day passes.  And yes you can take photographs in the exhibit! Just no flash.