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A stylish save the date or wedding invitation really does set the scene for wedding guests.  This is the first hint of what is going to be in store at your highly anticipated wedding day.  This is why I just love beautiful custom wedding invitations which tie in perfectly with a couples vision.  There is an amazing wedding stationery business, iampoppy who creates a stunning wedding invitation range and also specialises in custom illustrated designs for everything from save the dates, to invitations, rsvp cards and even place cards (plus everything in between!).  I’m sure you will all love her work as much as I do.


Tell us a bit about iampoppy and the pieces that you create.

iampoppy is primarily a wedding stationery design business, although I also create a range of gift wear and offer a graphic design service with the emphases on hand drawn. My pieces are inspired by nature mostly, and I love creating images of florals and animals, mixing it with hand written text. I love using lyrics in my pieces, as I feel songs are such an influential part of our lives, so combining the two seems obvious.


iampoppy - wedding invitations

We’d love to hear the story behind how you set up your business.  Can you share with us how you came to launch iampoppy?

The name came 11 years ago, when I first launched my website and wanted to create something quirky, but still very clearly me. I think it works!

It took another 7 years before I gained the confidence to sell my work, and I started by getting just 10 designs printed. I went along to the Miami Marketta on the Gold Coast and sold 5. With that, I then got some cards printed, and it went from there.

I fell into wedding stationery quite by accident while designing some table stationery for a Mothers Day lunch at EcoStudio Fellini on the Gold Coast. They were so impressed with the pieces they offered to take me on as a wedding stationery supplier. I decided to turn the business around, and focus on this. I love it. It was the best decision and I love being able to meet so many happy people that all want beautiful stationery. I was told at university that I was too interested in pretty things, and needed to find depth and meaning instead. I think I have managed to find a whole lot of people that want prettiness too.. so what do they know! Ha ha


iampoppy - wedding invitations

What inspires you when it comes to creating your designs?

I am very inspired by nature, and the environment. I love painting animals, particularly birds and fish. I just love the colours from them. I love colour, so try to use as much as I can. I used to have a very pastel palate, but have moved away from that recently and rediscovered brights.

I absolutely love type! All sorts of type, but mostly handwritten lettering. I would happily look at type all day long! Oh Pinterest… how you absorb my time!


iampoppy - wedding invitations

Which design of your current range do you think is your absolute favourite?

From my wedding stationery, it would have to be a piece I am working on at the moment, which are tropical North Queensland invitations featuring lots of green foliage, birds of paradise and orchids. Its so eye catching, bright and I love it. It also has gold foil, which I also love. So many things to love in wedding stationery!!

From my gift wear range, it would have to be my Barnaby’s Fox print. It was designed for my best friends baby, Barnaby Fox, and I used her favourite Coldplay song for the text. I love the geometric shapes, the blue background and how the stars shine out from the page.


iampoppy - wedding invitations

For those who love your pieces how can they purchase them? Do you have a studio or stockists for those who would like to see your work in person first?

I have a website with a shop where everything can be purchased. I also take custom orders via email. All my information is available online.

I have an Etsy store, and also stock my work in a few stores throughout Australia and the UK. You can check out the list of my suppliers on the website.


iampoppy - wedding invitations

Do you take custom orders?

Absolutely! Majority of my wedding stationery is custom designs, as I like to create something personal and unique for each couple. No two weddings are the same, so I think everyone should be able to have something different.

I do also create custom prints and all my graphic design work is custom.


iampoppy - wedding invitations

How far in advance should couples book in for stationery designs created by yourself?

It depends on your guests really. If you have people from overseas, then sending a save the date as soon as you can will benefit them. Otherwise a year in advance is plenty of time.

Invitations can be sent anywhere from 9 months to 4 months before the wedding, depending on whether you have sent out save the dates.

You want to aim to have all your RSVP’s back around 2 months before, to allow you time to finalise all the bookings.

I have a design time of around 4 weeks, however securing your order in around 2 weeks prior to that, due to waiting lists, is a good idea.


iampoppy - wedding invitations

What advice do you have for brides when they are selecting their wedding invitations and guest favours?

Choose invitations that will represent your wedding and give the guests a preview of the styling and what to expect. I like to include the guest’s names into the design, so that each guest feels the invitations are personal to them.

With favours, I like something fun, quirky but useful. Giving gifts which will appeal to both sexes will be a winner, but if not, perhaps separate favours for the ladies and men. Again, adding their names onto the favours is a nice and personal touch.


iampoppy - wedding invitations

When you’re not creating gorgeous art for weddings what do you love to spend your time doing?

I love being outdoors. It’s why I moved to Australia, so I could make the most of sunny days. Swimming at the beach or the pool is a must. I also spend a considerable time gardening. I have a large and overgrown property, which is mainly forest, and I’m forever clearing trees, ivy and other weeds. No matter how much I do it, it looks exactly the same as when I started, but I still find it therapeutic. I just hate the spiders lurking!

Oh, and I love exercise. Nothing like a bit of RPM, Body Balance or Sprint training to get the blood pumping!


iampoppy - wedding invitations

For 2016/2017 what sort of trends do you think there will be with wedding stationery?

It’s hard to say. I’m noticing brides are moving away from the rustic trends, and into a cleaner, shinier look. Glitters and foils are big at the moment, but I would love to see the fluro foils coming in. Bright and bold colours and geometric shapes would be so fun, perhaps with more letterpress.


iampoppy - wedding invitations

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Ways to contact iampoppy:

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