Groom Style – Folded Pocket Square

I’m feeling very Don Draper inspired lately as I’m busy working hard on an exciting new venture and while flicking through the latest menswear catalogues I’ve started to notice a very stylish new 60s inspired trend happening.

In the world of men’s fashions for weddings and formal occasions there hasn’t been a great deal of change over the decades, so it’s all about the subtle details to create a really personal statement.  It has long been expected that a well dressed gentlemen wear a square of fabric (historically it was a functional hanky!!) in the top left pocket and what men do with that pocket square is what tends to change over the years.

Lately I have been absolutely loving the little spark in the return of the neatly folded pocket square that only just peeks out of the top of the pocket, as opposed to some bulky almost flowery thing jammed into the pocket and spewing out the top.   For those of you who are avid Mad Men watchers this is not a new look for you, but it’s certainly something to stand up and take notice of.

Today I’ve put together some inspiration images for those of you who firstly would like a little Don Draper fix and secondly would like to get some more inspiration for styling with the neatly folded pocket square.  Traditionally a plain and mostly white square was used, but today it can be found with the modern twists of clashing colours and patterns with the shirt, tie and pocket square all different but surprisingly working well together!

I am soooo inspired by this fantastic 60s inspired vintage men’s suit!!

Source: Gentleman’s Gazette

Source: Mole Empire

Source: That Girl At The Party

Source: Myer Mens Catalogue – Racewear

Source: Tailored and Styled

For those of you who don’t know how to fold a pocket square (and I seriously hope that most men can work this one out for themselves as it’s not rocket science) there is even this cute little “how to” diagram

Source: IX Daily