GMTMT Films Most Recent Masterpiece

We are continually awestruck by the work of Brad Smith the visionary behind GMTMT Films and his most recent Love Story is no exception.  Now although this isn’t a vintage styled film we just love the fact that it’s shot entirely in black and white which is eternally stylish.  We also just love, love, love the epic scale of this film and we know that couples planning a vintage wedding will fall in love with it as much as we did.


This is a short film created by GMTMT Films whose passion for weddings is immeasurable. The film is about a love between Elisabeth and John. A love which spanned 12,000km across the Pacific Ocean, a love which was created by a chance meeting while John was on vacation in Australia.

It’s the story of how they felt before the big day, what they were thinking, what they loved about each other. It’s the story of how they met and where they are going together.

It was a story that captured the imagination of Brad Smith, filmmaker from GMTMT and he immediately set up to storyboard the shoot, and how to best tell it.

GMTMT Films Storyboard

“Starting filming in the late afternoon is usually the best time, but all of a sudden rain clouds quickly emerged on the horizon. It wasn’t meant to rain that night! We just adapted on the spot and I decided to make the rain a key feature. It was also then I decided the film would be in Black & White. We all got wet, but boy it was worth it. The audio was recorded while John was still in California and Elisabeth was in Newcastle. I thought the distance between them would make their words more powerful.”

“They wanted to premier this film on the big screen at their wedding reception, even they didn’t know what to expect because they hadn’t seen it either. We showed it before the speeches commenced. What a buzz! I watched the room as the film played and captured the reactions of the guests. Some shed tears, some were smiling and I think it made the night warmer and more interactive for everyone. The guests got to know the newlyweds a little more closer.”

“What I enjoy most about filming a Love Story is recording the moments which can be forgotten once the couples have been married, and to record them in a way they might never imagine. Instead of just looking forward to the big day, I want couples to remember the moments along the way, the moments of engagement and the bonding created throughout the journey. I love that the process provides me a more intimate relationship with the couple and it gives much more insight to the love they share, and how the best shoot the wedding”

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