Getting to know you… Vintage Pie

Ever spent the afternoon wandering through that amazing vintage store, you know the one, the one you have to keep a secret because you are saving up for that stupidly gorgeous retro lounge suite they have out the back. Yeah, you know the one, isn’t it awesome! It’s the kind of store where you’d like to buy almost everything in it! In fact, you want everything in it for your wedding!

Well, we found someone who has all those amazing vintage pieces that you can hire! All the gorgeous vintage splendor and none of the credit card hangover! Oh YES PLEASE! But we won’t keep this one a secret, because amazing places like this are meant to be shared (after you’ve book you fav pieces of course!) Vintage Pie will be at our showcase, come say hi, they’re super lovely!!

Hi Vintage Pie!!! We’d love to know more about you, so spill the beans!! Tell us a bit about Vintage Pie!

Definition #1 is that we’re a prop hire and event styling business servicing Brisbane and surrounds.
Definition #2 is that Vintage Pie is Jessica Lim- former fashion columnist, mother of two, magazine and caffeine junkie.
Definition #3 (and perhaps the most accurate) is that we’re a cult devoted to The Prettiness. We do love us some prettiness!

Where are you based and what area do you service?

We live, shop, and caffeinate in Ipswich, QLD but travel and work frequently in and around Brisbane, as well as further West.

You recently did a 50’s inspired cocktail party, tell us a bit about that?

It was fun! One of our recently acquired props is a gold-wheeled cocktail cart that we stacked with crystal decanters and an authentic fifties shaker found at one of the fabulous local vintage and antique shops. Guests learnt how to make their own martinis, played cards, and hammed it up in the custom photobooth area, complete with vintage Chesterfield lounge, a black pinwheel and record backdrop, and props including signs saying things like, ‘I made your favourite…spam and eggs!’ and ‘Cool it, pops!’ 
Awesome photos. The night’s playlist was made into a favour with a little envelope saying ‘Thanks for coming, you’re top of the pops with me…’

What’s your favourite piece in your collection?

Chester (the Chesterfield) is a bit glam and fabulous, and I’m keen to find some more lovely lounges and armchairs like him, but some of our littler pieces are probably more my favourite. I’m obsessed with little touches. Things like old books whose subject matter relates to an event either literally or ironically, pretty tins, quirky pieces like my vintage egg cup collection, the vintage circus juggling pins that are currently being shipped to me….you really want me to pick?!

What’s your advice to couples in regards to styling a wedding?

Hire me! And if that’s not an option, start by making a mood board of all the pictures you like and then try to find what it is they all have in common. Does the same colour keep cropping up? Obviously it’s something you respond to. And further to that, what does that colour suggest- is it warm and inviting or crisp, elegant white? Woody and earthy, or beachy blue? Have you got numerous pictures of brides and grooms smiling and laughing, pulling funny photobooth poses, surrounded by lots of personal touches? Then you’d be going for intimate and fun. Are the pictures you’ve chosen grand, sweeping and jaw-droppingly beautiful? Forget the minutiae and focus on how best to use the whole space to make some serious impact. Your day, your priorities.

What’s your favourite wedding story?

Oh, defs the time I walked down the wrong aisle as a flower girl. Actually that is probably my family’s favourite wedding story…I also proudly massaged every pair of shoulders in the bridal party at that reception. Six year olds, eh! They think it’s all about them…

What do you think are the upcoming trends for 2012/2013 weddings?

I tend to hate trends because I don’t like doing the same thing as everyone else. That being said, some things are popular for good reason! Obviously, we’re excited by the definite shift to more vintage, eclectic weddings and how this is achieved by having things (centrepieces, chairs, decorations) along a common theme but not the same. We’re already seeing lots of different but complimentary florals, bridesmaids dresses, and vintage furniture…brides and grooms are loving the depth and personality these pieces give their special day as opposed to everything being so matchy-matchy. We foresee lots of attention to detail and cute, personal touches- bring it on!