Getting to know you… Over the Top Floristry

Ordering flowers for your wedding can be a nightmare, where do you go, what do you ask, what if you don’t want flowers and you want a button bouquet instead? Well, that’s why you chat to Over the Top Floristry who specialise in gorgeous flower decorations AND button bouquets….win-win! So we chatted with Yvette, and got the low down on Over the Top Floristry!

Hi Yvette! Tell us a bit about Over the Top Floristry?

Hi guys!! Well, we create stunning Bespoke Floral Decorations and Button Bouquets for your special occasion! We take inspiration from your wedding plans or Event Theme to enhance your special day,  With a Stunning wedding Bouquet in either fresh flowers or Button flowers available. (Button wedding BQ’s can be shipped Nationwide and International) We like to make sure we have plenty of time to discuss your wedding with you so consultations for weddings are by appointment only at the best time for you! We not only offer a range of gorgeous Floral Decorations from bouquets to corsages but also specialise in Button Bouquets and button necklaces. Our Button Embellishments are spectacular and highly creative and will make a memorable keepsake.

Image by Honeysnaps Photography

Where are you based and what area do you service?

You’ll find Over The Top Floristry in Paddington about 2 kms from Brisbane’s CBD.

What kinds of bouquet awesomeness do you offer?

We offer stunning fresh flower and Button Art wedding Bouquets, whimsical Button embellishment with Bouquets and Necklaces, something old, something new and something to cherish forever!

How early should couples book?

* Book your florist as soon as you choose the style and colours of the Bride and Maid gowns. Normally between 4 to 8 months out from your wedding date.
*Make an appointment with the florist, it takes between ½ hr -1 ½ hours to discuss ideas, flowers suitable and if they will be in season.

What you’ll Need before You Book

• You’ll need to have booked your ceremony site, and know how many arrangements you’ll need to decorate it.
• You’ll need to have booked your reception site, and know the prominent colours of the venue (so the flowers don’t clash).
• If you are doing floral centrepieces, you’ll need to know approximately how many wedding guests you are having, and thus how many centrepieces you’ll need. Generally reception tables seat 8-12 people.
• How many bridesmaids you are having, and the colour of their dresses.
• The number of corsages (for mothers, grandmothers, announcers and other special guests) and buttonholes (for the groom, groomsmen, ushers, and or oiher special guests).
• If you’ll need separate arrangements for the rehearsal dinner, post-wedding brunch, entry ways, bathrooms, gift or cake tables,

Obviously, if some of these details aren’t finely tuned, it’s not the end of the world.

Image by Honeysnaps Photography

What advice do you have for couples who are thinking about flowers?

Wedding flowers are one of the most important elements of your big day, when allocating your budget, don’t scrimp on the more visible items of the day, most girls are willing to pay whatever it takes to get the gown of their dreams, but even the most beautiful gown won’t look as good without the right veil, the right headpiece, the right hairstyle and the right BOUQUET! So when considering the budget for your flowers remember the price will reflect the quality, so if you consider the fact that your bouquet will be a focal point in the majority of photos, it pays to consider carefully.

You can come and get inspiration and this may help you finalise these plans.

What’s your favourite flower?

The Gerberia, as its bright, fun and has a happy face.

What’s your favourite wedding story?

Twelve Dancing Princesses or the princess and the pea

What do you think are the upcoming trends for 2012/2013 weddings?

VINTAGE Themes, garden picked look, lovely colours, and mixed flowers. Fun.
Thanks Yvette, look forward to catching up with you at the showcase!