Getting to know you… Leila Koster Millinery

Some brides like those gorgeous veils that reach the floor, they are so pretty! But what happens if you’re not a long veil kinda gal? What happens if you’re dress just won’t work with that kind of look? Well, that’s when you pick the brain of a milliner who can make you your very own veil that will suit your dress, your style and your wedding! Win-win!

So we found ourselves an amazing milliner and bombarded her with questions!! Meet Leila from Leila Koster Millinery!

Image by Samantha Burnett

Can you tell us a bit about Leila Koster Millinery?

Leila Koster Millinery is Silver Sixpence’s milliner of choice. Leila Koster Millinery strives to create unique Vintage Inspired Bridal Millinery through quality hand crafted workmanship, which is the key feature to the labels success & individuality. Each piece is individually hand-crafted using an extravagant array of delicate feathers, highly sought after silks, vintage felts & veiling, distinctive pearls and Swarovski crystals.artLeila has a great understanding of what makes a woman look fabulous by creating a truly unique design. Every head piece is hand sewn as hand crafted workmanship is key feature to the labels distinctiveness. Leila has a great understanding of what makes a woman look fabulous by creating a truly unique design. Every head piece is hand sewn as hand crafted workmanship is key feature to the labels distinctiveness. 

Every piece is hand sewn by Leila herself so you can be assured each item is made to be a cherished heirloom from your special day.

What services does Leila Koster Millinery offer?

Leila Koster Millinery offers a full retro & vintage inspired millinery service to turn your ideas into a dream. We provide a collection of bespoke unique fascinators and birdcage veils that can be tailored perfectly to match your dress and theme of your wedding. Flowers are all hand made and can incorporate off cuts from your wedding dress. We offer the flexibility to choose exactly what you would like such as colour, fabrics, feathers, veiling and crystals. The list is endless. We can also create retro and vintage inspired fascinators for bridesmaids.

How would you describe your style?

Unique, Elegant, Vintage Inspired Millinery.

What style has been most popular so far this year?

Shows such as ‘Underbelly’ and the greatly anticipated film ‘The Great Gatsby’ have put the limelight back on traditional millinery. This has brought the traditional cloche hat back in demand and has become a very popular choice. Elegant lace headpieces and traditional pillbox hats have also become very popular this year.

How early should brides look at ordering?

Once the dress is designed, four to six weeks’ notice for custom Millinery is advised.
This will allow plenty of time for the piece to be handcrafted to your needs giving it 
personalisation and individuality

What advice do you have for brides when choosing head wear?

Choosing the ideal headwear will depend on the style and design of the wedding dress. Leila Koster personally works with Melanie of Silver Sixpence to design a headpiece that completes the brides’ special outfit for the big day.

Most Brides who choose not to add a traditional veil often wear some sort of wedding millinery, which could be a small headpiece, a jewelled comb or a small hat. Some even include a small veil or netting to drape just over the face. Hats such as the pillbox have been a recent favourite especially when staging a garden or beach wedding, which is sensible with our summer climate conditions in Australia.
If you are choosing not to wear a veil, a pillbox hat or fascinator is a great alternative. It can be small or large and often brides will choose one with some veiling attached to frame the face. Leila Koster Millinery creates retro and vintage inspired fascinators, fascinators with birdcage veils, pillbox hats and bridesmaid headpieces.
If you would like to have something unique designed to a specific budget please do not hesitate to contact Silver Sixpence so that your requirements can be discussed. Provide us with your wish list of ideas and let us create a cherished heirloom for your special day!