Getting to know you… Kelly Adams Photography

You’re wedding is going to be amazing! After all the effort you’ve both put in to this big day, it’s going to be so so stinking perfect that you’re going to want to relive it over and over!

And you can, every single time you look at your gorgeous partner, and every single time you look over your wedding photographs! Which is why finding a photographer who can capture those amazing moments in a style that suits the two of you is so important. We chatted to Kelly from Kelly Adams Photography, who’s one of our amazing vendors at the upcoming Vintage and Handmade Bridal Showcase, to get the low down on her style and tips.

Can you tell us a bit about Kelly Adams Photography?

Kelly Adams Photography is me… I live, breathe and dream my ‘work’. When
you choose me you will unequivocally get a little piece of me. I love what I
do & every wedding I photograph is whole heartedly & absolutely a big deal
to me. I take great pride in making high quality images with my unique &
individual photographic style.

Do you travel for weddings?

Yes I do travel for weddings! I have photographed a wedding in country
Victoria & travelled to Rainbow Beach so far, and recently I have also been
asked to travel to Bali, New Zealand & country NSW for weddings. I know for
most photographers it’s a really cool thing right now to be travelling all
over the world for weddings however unlike most photographers I do limit my
travel as I am a mummy to two gorgeous & sometimes crazy & wild boys. Being
with my boys is super important to me.

How would you describe your style?

Creative & meaningful. A little bit of me & a lot of you.

How early should couples book with you?

My bookings for 2013 are really filling up. I have taken bookings anywhere
from 18 months to 6 weeks, for those having a wedding in peak time, Spring /
early Summer & Autumn I would highly recommend getting in as early as you
can to avoid disappointment.

Why do you think photography is such an important part of a couple’s big day?

When your big day is over, all that is left is the ring, the promise & the memories, but unfortunately memories fade. Great photography in all it’s magic continues to tell the story of the day you married your one true love with all the details, laughter, tears & maybe even the dramas. And in 50 years from now, I know it will be the photographs that will be held, cherished & shared with your loved ones, taking them & you back to a time well past.

What’s your favourite thing about photography?

It’s the magic of making a point in time stand still & last beyond a life time.

Do you have a favourite wedding photograph what’s the story behind it?

Awww that is a hard one! So many wedding images with so many stories to go
along with them, each photograph really has it’s own little story. Given
that I have to pick one… one image that stands out to me is an image taken
in my PhotoBooth, I’ll title it ‘Nan… I’m sexy & I know it’. This image
was completely all Nan’s doing, the sign, the pose & the dress & bra strap
off the shoulder. Nan has a genuine lust for life… I hope to have half of
what she has when I get to her stage in life. The following weekend after
her grandson’s wedding, Nan & Frank were renewing their vows for their 58th
wedding anniversary, she planned to wear her shoes & nightie she wore on her
wedding day. Love is always a big deal.

Thanks so much for sharing your time with us Kelly!

Check out Kelly’s website here for more info and to say hi!