Getting to know you… Dead Gorgeous Hair and Makeup

Hair and makeup play an important part in any bride’s big day, after all, we want to look the best we can. There’s a lot to consider when finding a hair and make up artist to make that dream come true! So we asked one of our favourite hair and makeup artists, Bree from Dead Gorgeous Hair & Makeup to chat to us about her business and tips for wedding hair and makeup!

Hi Bree, first off, can you tell us a bit about Dead Gorgeous Hair and Makeup?

Dead Gorgeous is all about bringing out your inner pinup. It’s not about transforming you into a completely different person, but instead bringing out your inner beauty and giving you the confidence to make it shine. I strongly admire the women of 1940s, and think they were so feminine and graceful, sexy without being trashy. Something i think seriously lacks in some modern fashions today. So i’m trying to help bring it back, one pinup at a time.

Can you describe your style for us?

I consider myself a modern day pinup. I have fushia pink hair, tattoos and combine the styles of rockabilly and vintage pinup to create my ‘look’. So i guess this is evident in my work. I love bringing back a vintage style but putting a modern twist on it…but then i do love a classic vintage style just as much.

What advice do you have for brides when choosing wedding hair and make up?

I STRONGLY suggest choosing a style that suits your personality, you want to feel like YOU on the day – and your partner wants to see YOU not someone they don’t recognise. You don’t want to regret your choices for your wedding, so definitely have a trial. Choose a hair and makeup artist who’s willing to spend time with you and make any changes you want, don’t let them dictate what you’re going to look like on the day…it’s YOUR day!

How early should brides book their hair and make up?

I suggest looking around at least 6-8mths in advance. If you’re getting married during peak wedding season, you want to make sure the artist you prefer is available. You also want to have your trial no later than 2mths before the big day. Nothing worse than leaving things til the last minute and having to ‘make do’.

How long should brides allow for hair and make up on their big day?

I usually allow a good hour each for the bridesmaids and Mother of the Bride, then around an hour and a half for the Bride herself. Then having at least 45min spare before the photographer arrives to get dress and make any neccessary touch ups, you don’t want to be rushing.

Do you have a favourite hair style you love for weddings?

I do prefer up styles as they lengthen your neck, show off your gorgeous earrings and necklace, and also hold up better. Hair that doesn’t hold a curl very well should always be put up, that way you’re not disappointed halfway through the night that your beautiful curls have dropped out. Also, for out door weddings, you can’t predict the strength of the wind, and if your hair’s out you risk having it blowing in your face throughout the ceremony…you’ll look like Chewbacca in all your photos!



What’s your favourite wedding story?

I worked on a wedding last year with a gorgeous bride and her bridesmaid. There was also 2 other close friends there getting ready alongside them. The entire time we were there playing makeups ( lol) we were talking and laughing so much i forgot that i was working and felt like ‘one of the girls’ just hanging out before the wedding. Once i was finished i headed over to the groom’s house where i also did HIS hair and makeup (Tokyo Visual style). It was such a warm, fun and happy atmosphere, i really felt blessed to have been invited to be a part of it. I love being able to share just a small part of bride’s weddings. I may not attend the ceremony or reception, but for a few hours i get to share their happiness.

What do you think are the upcoming trends for 2012/2013 weddings?

I think a lot of couples are steering away from the traditional styles and opting for a more unique and creative wedding theme, one which showcases their personalities. I’ve seen alot of whimsical/fairytale themes pop up, which is quite romantic, and also an emphasis on decorations being unique and plentiful. One thing I’ve noticed with almost all of the weddings I’ve worked on in the past 12mths, is the groom being there when i’m starting hair and makeup…i guess gone are the days of superstition and seeing the bride before the ceremony.