Getting to know… Kath Scott Photography

There is not really such a thing as a “vintage wedding photographer” unless they are someone who has a tonne of post production effects that are similar to original vintage images.  Generally the modern vintage loving bride isn’t all that worried about full on old fashioned effects on their images though.  What is really important to the modern vintage loving bride is a great photographer to captures the story of their day, including wonderful images of all of the lovely little details.  In my opinion it is all of those little details that make a wedding special – the signs the bride and groom made themselves, the favours the brides family baked in the days leading up to the wedding, the vintage lace used in the brides veil.  Kath Scott Photography is one of those great story tellers who captures all of your wonderful candid moments and special details and we’re really excited to have her exhibiting at The Vintage and Handmade Wedding Fair this Sunday.

Can you tell us a bit about Kath Scott Photography?

We are a husband and wife team based in South East Queensland. I love photographing people. Matt’s just a really nice person and great with workflow/organisation stuff and keeping me on track. We are a great team.

Do you travel for weddings?

Yikes, yes for sure!

How would you describe your style?

Real, a little bit raw, totally honest and not perfect but with a dash of fun and creativity. Hopefully it makes you feel something.

How early should couples book with you?

Anytime really but most people tend to book around 12 months out so if you’d really love to work with me I guess around 12 months is good just to make sure I have your date free.

Why do you think photography is such an important part of a couple’s big day?

If a couple finds the photographer suited perfectly to them, then the images that photographer makes will eventually be exactly how the couple remembers their day. Memories are sure to fade but a photograph that captures the essence of the day will be forever. Plus these are the photos they will show their children and grandchildren. How important is that.

What advice do you have for couples when they are thinking about their photography?

Go with your heart. Also take your time to find a photographer that you really connect with personally. Nothing worse than spending one of the best days of your life with someone who you think is a twat. If you get on well personally and are confident in their work you are sure to feel relaxed and happy and this will translate into beautiful photographs. That’s just my opinion anyway.

What is your favourite thing about photography?

How important it is. It makes me feel special that I get to make pictures that become such a treasure for people. If make a beautiful picture of someone it can make them feel special.

Do you have a favourite wedding photograph? What is the story behind it?

Nope. I am yet to make my favourite wedding photograph. This is going to sound super corny but I know I’m not perfect and I’m always trying to get better so I always think that my favourite image hasn’t happened yet. I think it makes me work hard.

What can couples expect when they visit your stand in August?

A really nice person! (Thats my husband Matt who always comes along to support me and is way better talking about me than I am!) Maybe ask him!

Are you running any specials on the day?

YES! YES! YES! I would love to reward people that make the effort to come along to the fair with something really cool. Come and see me on the day.