Getting to know… Cut a Rug

Music certainly is an important aspect of a wedding day that is so often overlooked…. what is the point of spending countless hours scouring one of a kind antique pieces or colour matching linens if you then slap on a random playlist of modern tunes without any thought.  If you think back to memorable days in your life, I bet if there was a song playing you remember what song it was!  I know for my own wedding as a bit of a jazz music fan I spent hours collating the perfect playlists for every part of the day…. now for the sensible bride there are businesses who can take care of that for you so you aren’t a sucker like me.  Why not book an awesome DJ to take care of everything so you don’t need to dust off that old ipod, scratch around for the missing cords then lug along a speaker that really doesnt cut it after all!

Cut a Rug will be not only exhibiting at the fair tomorrow but they will be filling the upstairs of our venue with some awesome wedding tunes to suit a vintage inspired day.

Where are you based and what areas do you service?

We’re based on the Sunshine Coast Hinterland and service primarily Brisbane and the Sunny Coast. We love to travel though!

Can you describe your style for us?

Think Dean Martin…..rockin’ a wolf on his noggin.

How early should couples book for your services?

It really depends when your wedding is. If you’re getting married in peak season (Spring or Autumn) then we recommend six months to a year ahead. However, we’ve taken bookings 2 days to 2 years in advance.

Do you have a favourite song and what is the story behind it?

A favourite song would be Hand In My Pocket by Alannis Morrisette. The first time I had ever been overseas we stopped off in Thailand on the way back from a wedding in England. We were reclining on sun lounges at night outside this club on the beach drinking Mojitos and smoking apple flavoured shisha (oh the good ol’ days……cough!). There was a cover band rocking the place and they did an amazing version of this song. Every time I hear it now it evokes a strong memory of my first overseas holiday.

What do you think are the upcoming trends for 2013/2014 weddings?

Retro and vintage is so in and will become increasingly popular. There are some amazing and influential shows on TV these days that are really bringing these styles to the forefront of popular culture. Think Boardwalk Empire for vintage 20’s and 30’s. Think Mad Men for the dapper/swinging 60’s.
Another trend we could see more of is a ‘Less is More’ approach to styling. Less details. Less fuss. Less fluff, pomp and ceremony. More personal. More handmade. More fun, rustic and whimsical. More about the couple and personal touches that will make the wedding uniquely theirs.
Music-wise, we’re starting to see more couples asking their guests to send a song request back with their RSVPs.
We think this is a great idea!

What advice do you have for couples when they are thinking about their entertainment / music?

Don’t be too cool for school. Sometimes people can be too quick to dismiss ‘cheesy’ music, or music that they hear at every wedding. Something worth considering is that many of these songs are heard a lot simply because they work. You and your friends may be on the same page musically, but what about some of those older relatives? Most weddings are attended by a diverse group of people with a wide range of ages and musical tastes.
You might cringe at the thought of hearing the Macarena, or the Time Warp, or……..gulp….the Nutbush (don’t worry, we do too), but you may have family and/or friends that have made the effort and travelled a long way to celebrate your special day with you. Why not let them have a song or two that they want to hear? Yes it is your day and it is all about you, but it wouldn’t be the same without any guests, right? That track that you thought you’d hate to hear might not sound so bad if there’s a bunch of people on the dance floor enjoying it.
I should point out that the songs mentioned above are just used as an example. We’re not saying that your wedding has to include any of these ‘cheesy’ songs. Except the Chicken Dance. You gotta have that………… your bridal waltz….


What is your favourite wedding moment?

The groom and his family were all massive AFL fans. After getting all the single ladies ready and waiting, building up the moment with a healthy dose of ‘Single Ladies’ by Beyonce – the bride signalled that she was ready to toss the bouquet.
I cut Beyonce out and dropped in ‘Up There Cazaly’. The bouquet was tossed into the ‘ruck’ and the crowd thought it was hilarious. No-one was expecting it (except the bride and groom of course) and it went down a treat.
Coolest bouquet toss – ever!

What do you love most about being a wedding DJ?

Playing music to a bunch of people who are up for it is a lot of fun. Your friends and family are stoked that you just got married and there is a lot of love in the room – it is a real treat to be amongst that.

What can couples expect when they visit your stand?

Some smooth tunes that will showcase the type of music you might hear during dinner and cocktails; some friendly conversation and if you’re really lucky you’ll receive a rad Cut a Rug drink coaster that also doubles as a CD. Bonus!

Are you running any specials on the day?

We’re offering $100 off to fair-going couples who book within a month of the fair. Double bonus!