Getting to know… Bruce Loves Susie

Well we have all been admiring the gorgeous images taken by Bruce Loves Susie from our recent collaborative vendors shoot in the lead up to The Vintage and Handmade Wedding Fair.   We caught up with Amanda, the talented photographer behind Bruce Loves Susie to find out a little more about her business.

Hi Amanda, can you tell us a bit about Bruce Loves Susie?

Bruce Loves Susie is my little quest into capturing all things bright and beautiful. 🙂 I’ve been a photographer for many years, photographing many different things, but photographing people is definitely my favourite thing. And the joy and love of photographing people as they get married is my favourit-er thing! (That’s totally a word, by the way.) Bruce Loves Susie is named after my grandparents, Bruce and Susie. They’ve got a gorgeous love story that was my inspiration for starting my business, which everyone can read on my website!

Do you travel for weddings?

I would love to!

How would you describe your style?

I actually find this question really hard to answer without sounding corny. I guess it’s natural, fun and honest. It’s joyful. It’s hearing your favourite song from 10 years ago and dancing like a frog in a sock. It’s your dog’s warm head in your lap with his tail thumping happily on the floor. Yeah. Taking photographs of joy, beauty and honesty is my style. I let those things flow and then go with it. 🙂

How early should couples book with you?

I would say 6 – 12 months in advance! I’ve been known to book couples with a lot less notice than that but it can be a bit tricky! To make sure that you can secure your preferred date, I would say 6 – 12 months notice is great.

Why do you think photography is such an important part of a couple’s big day?

There are so many answers to this question, I could prattle on for days. I really think it comes down to recording history and capturing time. Your wedding is the coolest, most rockin’ party you’ll probably ever throw (unless you become hugely famous and move to Lake Como and become neighbours with George Clooney and begin to throw wild, lavish parties every weekend and in which case for god’s sake CALL ME); everyone you love is going to be there, and you’re going to wear a gorgeous frock, and you’re on the verge of an adventure. I think it’s really important to document that. It will bring you that joy for the rest of your life.

What advice do you have for couples when they are thinking about their photography?

Really consider how much it means to you, and then pick a photographer whose style you like but also who you gel with. I’ve kept in contact with many couples after their wedding just because we’ve gotten on like a house on fire and have so much in common. It’s such a wonderful thing and I’m constantly reminded at how lucky I am to be able to do what I do!

What is your favourite thing about photography?

Another hard question to answer. My selfish answer is – the feeling I get when I rush home after a shoot and load up the photographs and see them, really SEE them, for the first time. My more philosophical answer would be… how photography connects people. Me to the people I photograph; a couple to each other; a couple to their friends and family; all of those people to the world. Photographs can cross borders and boundaries and cultures and languages and just: connect.

Do you have a favourite wedding photograph? What is the story behind it?

I have many favourites, but I recent one that I adore was from a wedding I photographed where the bride and groom had a little 4 month old daughter. I took a photograph of the bride seeing her little girl all dressed up for the occasion for the first time; she reached her arm out and grabbed her daughter’s gorgeous chubby little hand and smiled. And the sun is shining behind them – just beautiful!

What can couples expect when they visit your stand in August?

Me, smiling politely, with a bunch of pretty things to look at and maybe some sort of edible bribe. I’d bring my cat Dexter but I think he might freak out and claw some wedding dresses, or something. Then I wouldn’t be smiling politely, I’d be hiding ashamedly.

Are you running any specials on the day?

Yes! If you book an album package with me, you will receive a most excellent freebie. But as for what it is exactly, I’m keeping it under wraps. Make sure you pop by my little stall to find out what it is!!