Get Great Ceremony Photos

It’s the most important part of your wedding day – the reason for the entire day and all of this excitement.  Your wedding ceremony.  Yet the ceremony is often the part of the day that many couples look back on and wish they had better photos of.  We have put together some tips for you to help you to get the best wedding ceremony photos possible based on years of viewing cringe worthy shots as well as listening to couples share their advice in hindsight.


  • Hire a professional photographer. We really feel this goes without saying but it’s always nice to take the pressure off a friend who is a budding photographer and allow them to enjoy the wedding without having to “work” to capture all of those crucial moments.  The investment of a professional photographer will always be worthwhile and will save potential friendship or family fall outs if your expectations aren’t met by relying on someone other than a professional.


  • If you are holding your ceremony outdoors consider lighting. If the location is in broad daylight on a sunny day you can get heavy shadows on your face and the bright light can almost turn clothing into reflectors.  Of course a glistening ivory gown is the biggest reflector of all and could very well have guests scrabbling for their sunnies.

Vintage Wedding Ceremony - Earthbound Images

PHOTOGRAPHY Earthbound Images

  • Do a walk through of the ceremony location preferably at a similar time of day and similar time of year as your wedding. If you are booking everything a year in advance this can be perfect timing or worst case scenario do it a few weeks before your wedding.  It’s a great opportunity to see where the sun is and where those cheeky shadows may be.


  • Consider what is beyond the backdrop of your ceremony set up. Do guests have a view of a toilet block, busy playground or even potential topless sunbathers?  Keep in mind it’s not just the guests that will see this but it will be immortalised in your wedding photography.


  • Think about enlisting a stylist and hire a stunning backdrop to really set the scene and allow for some amazing shots while you exchange vows.


PHOTOGRAPHY Grace Photography


  • Discuss your wedding style with your celebrant to ensure they wear suitable attire. As the celebrant plays such an integral part of the ceremony, your images will be all that more incredible if your celebrant is dressed to suit your occasion.  Most professional celebrants will have this discussion with you but if not it’s an important one to bring up if it’s been overlooked.


  • Ditch the boring round table with a white tablecloth for your registry signing and consider using a small decorative table that suits your theme. There are some really lovely wrought iron table and chair sets as well as rustic timber pieces that add a little flair to a vintage wedding ceremony.


  • Do you already have a special little someone together? Whether it is a child or offspring of the furry kind, it can be lovely to include them in your ceremony, whether it’s being part of the procession or in one of your ceremony rituals. It’s always sweet to have a few images of them involved in your big day and not cast to the sidelines.


PHOTOGRAPHY Grace Photography

*This article was featured first in Vintage Bride Magazine Issue 8