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I have had an ongoing and rapidly worsening issue with inbox overload recently!!  With so many blogs to keep up with along with an ever growing flood of emails, I had to do something to get on top of this problem!  I then came across Bloglovin’ which is an awesome place where you can with one click follow all of your favourite blogs all in the one place.  Instead of receiving separate emails for each daily feed from individual blogs you receive one email from Bloglovin’ with all of the latest blog updates from each and every one of your favourite blogs!!

Of course Vintage Bride can be found on Bloglovin’ and all you have to do is head over to their website and click to follow to receive all of our latest blog news in your inbox! If you previously had our feed as an email subscription be sure to head over and change to follow it on Bloglovin’ and you can then unsubscribe from all of your individual email feeds that previously chogged up your inbox!

How do you find Vintage Bride on Bloglovin’? It’s SOOOO EASY!  All you have to do is look up to the top of our website page and click on this icon:


Or you can click on this link: Follow my blog with Bloglovin