Fly away veils

What veil should I wear with my gown?

This is a question that is asked to me over and over again, and as my thing is 50s inspired weddings I’m a huge fan of the short fly away veil.  To me it’s the perfect choice for a bride who is not so keen on a traditional more longer veil, or a bride in a shorter wedding dress (lets face it – a long veil with a shorter dress is just plain odd unless you are embracing an authentic 1920s look!!).  Everyone is going for birdcage veils at the moment, and as a bride who wore a birdcage veil I must admit as lovely as they are I was irritated beyond belief looking through netting all day long!!

So what’s a fly away veil?  Well I’m sure if you google it you will get a million definitions, but to me it’s a tulle veil gathered and worn on the back of your head like a traditional veil, but at a shorter length.  Generally they are really full and tend to finish at shoulder length.  They could be one or many tiers and could have edging or no edging.

Sound fun?  Here are some inspiration images for you…..


Photography: Bon Bon Photography 

Veil & Gown: Silver Sixpence

Photography: Lauren Bride Photography

Veil: All About Romance

Gown: Retro Bride

There are plenty more images of this fun shoot in Issue 2 of The Vintage and Handmade Bride Magazine!!!!!

Source: Elegant Park Dresses (this link has been removed due to malware issues on their site)

Photograph: J&M

Source: Love My Dress

Veil: Ruche